Sunday, January 29, 2017

Linking My Inner Squirrel to the DrEAMi Party

January: The Month for 
Your Inner Squirrel

Did you hear the song, "Everybody's talkin', there's a new squirrel in town"? I meant 'girl.' Or actually a new link party? Sorry, so much squirrel talk these days with Sandra from mmm!quilts. Sandra has a new link party starting this weekend, and it's all called DrEAMi, and there's nothing confusing about it. It means... 

Drop Everything And Make It!

Uh, can we say, "She's singing my song?" There are those of us quilters who bounce along doing what we're supposed to, and suddenly a wild idea comes along that is SO tempting we throw abandon to the wind, and divert. Not unlike a dog who is squirrel crazy, and spies a squirrel! Nothing else moves them until they give all their attention to that pesky squirrel. Oh, boy, does that mean me this month! I had a very big squirrel.

Shortly before New Year's Eve I called a quilty friend, and wanted to know just exactly what were the dimensions of a charity quilt. (Preferred size is 60" x 80", and up to 72" x 90".)
I had been putting away my loot from Black Friday deals, and it wouldn't fit. Those of you who know how much storage I have will attest that it was high time to move fabric. My choice of destashing is use it up for charity quilts.

All these quilts were either made 'so far this month' in the studio, at home, or laid out on the design wall at the Connections Thrift Store in Kidron, Ohio for volunteers to sew and tie into MCC comforters there. 

Cascading Crosses I

Cascading Crosses II

Baby Furrows I

Baby Furrows II

Irish Chain

Scrappy Trips Around the World

4" Zippy Strips 

Quilted, trimmed, and binding made.

"Queen of the Borders"

The Queen needs side borders yet to bring it up to size.

"The Houses on Cherry Ridge"

How impatient I am to tell the story of this quilt's name! Soon, I promise. It's my motivation to get it finished.

"15 Stars 'til Midnight"

But the biggest squirrel of all happened when I was asked if I wanted help out regularly in the quilt room. This is a part of the Connections Thrift Store in Kidron where comforters are made and tied both for sale there in the store, or sent abroad for relief around the world where there is need. Sure, I did!

So in the end, your Inner Squirrel can be a wild animal in the yard that takes you away from the task at hand, OR you can see it as leading you toward wonderful discoveries! My advice...


Come on, Doxie girls.
Let's go sew.

Proudly linking up this squirrel post with~
Sandra at mmm!Quilts


audrey said...

What a fun linkup! Will have to remember it in the future. Love your Queen of Borders quilt already! Very nice use of fabric. In fact, all your charity quilts are wonderful.:)

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

They are all wonderful quilts! I really love how your 'queen of the borders' quilt is going!

Stitchin At Home said...

You got squirreled big time. All your charity quilts are great. Love all the different layouts.

Sharon - IN said...

Thanks for sharing the link. That concept is really something I need to take to heart. Wonderful how your squirrel has lead to producing charity quilts and using up your stash!

Tish Stemple said...

Julie, my head spins when I think about how productive you've been this month. It is truly inspiring how many charity quilts you've put together. And for a second I panicked because I read that last part wrong...I thought you said "please don't FEED the squirrels." :) We must feed the squirrels :)

Sandra Walker said...

I've been seeing them on Instagram and on your blog but to see them all here in one place--WOW!! LOVE the eyes-flowing across the quilt that you've achieved with each one of them! I also was thinking, "Gosh! She has the best quilt names!" and then you said you will tell us about the Cherry Ridge one! Super work for such a wonderful cause, and on top of it (ha the cherry on top, wink) is you adding to your donation of quilt tops and design with your time on Fridays at the shop. Love that. Thank you so much for linking up with my first linky!

Kate said...

Your squirrel is definitely a productive one! You've got lots of good stuff to show for your destashing efforts.