Friday, July 1, 2016

#BraveQuilter Wrap Up Linky for June OPEN

Scenes from the Commute:
Cue the Turkey Buzzards

I enjoy these link up parties for #BraveQuilter more than anything. So many of you have attempted things you might not have tried without them, and that includes me. For the past two weeks, I have been here at Pink Doxies only to do a quick check-in or submit a post written ahead of time. I guess you would say I have had a sabbatical of sorts.

When this opportunity came up suddenly, I knew I was walking away from my studio and blog for a while. I hoped everyone would understand, and it's been a very gratifying experience.


Here are a few shots of what remained after the first truckload of unsalvageable things came out.


I mentioned briefly that I was involved in a restoration project on a country house built in 1958, and used only intermittently over the past 30 years. Imagine walking into a virtual time capsule! But better yet, from your own family--or dear husband's, that is. The project involved hard work, and many family members, and I cannot say that I have ever slept harder at night. I learned about:

  • Color schemes of the 50's and 60's
  • Textiles
  • Appliances
  • Furniture
  • Asbestos
  • How to clean _______.
  • Rewiring
  • Accessorizing
  • Mediating
  • Burning the candle at both ends

We have fiddled with and fixed nearly everything that wouldn't work, removed the dangerous pieces we could not repair, washed down or painted nearly the entire house, and removed the last dead mouse I ever want to see. My hands are swollen, and I aggravated carpal tunnel syndrome in both of them. The only sewing I accomplished was the 4 sets of lined draperies that I hemmed. (Three hours to cut off and sew 16 hems!)

We started cleaning with masks on, and by the end the musty smell was nearly all gone. I swear the little house smiled when my mother-in-law and I packed up to leave yesterday. Family is staying there tonight, and their guests are coming tomorrow for a 4th of July weekend celebration.
It's by no means done, but it's in fine enough working order to be enjoyed once again.

Some pieces we found were pristine, and others were disintegrated. This deserved to be framed, and hung for all to enjoy.

The porch is a work in progress needing all new screening. 

Two more generations of family are ready to take advantage of a getaway. There's a large pond, berries to pick, and trails to hike. Waterfalls are not far away, and the remains of early homesteads along the Moravian Trail are in nearby fields. There is something about being deep in the country that makes me feel settled, or maybe it's just being unplugged. Either way, I have come away from weeks of work feeling refreshed.

You are probably wondering how this makes me a #BraveQuilter, and I will say it's because I chose to live in the present for a while. Writing a blog means we bloggers have to put a lot of thought in things ahead of time, planning, sewing, and getting things ready. It took a lot of courage to abandon things here, and think it would still be okay. Living in the moment is not always easy, and with the country house clean and refurbished, I'm hoping to find some more time this summer to get away from technology. Wouldn't it be fun to take some paints, and set up a chair in front of that pond? Or climb some rocks, and just watch the light change? Or maybe just rock on the porch, and listen to the bullfrogs? There are lots of bullfrogs there.

So, link up your own #BraveQuilter projects for June now. If you've linked up in the beginning of the month, you're eligible for the drawing on the 4th of July. If you haven't, you are still welcomed and encourage to link up any project from this past month you've had to be brave to accomplish. Link to this post, please, and remember the #BraveQuilter Link Party will be taking a summer break until September 1st so we can all enjoy a holiday.

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barbaradougherty126 said...

what a wonderful treasure!!! you will enjoy it even more since you have put in the elbow grease!

Nancy said...

Oh, lucky you, Julie, to have a place in the country. It looks great! It sounds like lots and lots of hard work -- I know it was because we've done similar work to a house. Hard work but so satisfying, too. I linked the finished center but for my #BraveQuilter goal for June but you might like to read the post that goes with my first border for this block at It describes pre-technology summer nights. We didn't have the internet, or cell phones, or anything but a home phone and TV and we survived! Lucky you to have such a wonderful place to go to!

Thanks for starting #BraveQuilter and for hosting the link-up. It pushes me to challenge myself.

I hope you have a happy summer. I'm sure I'll still be trying to be brave in September when you return.

--Nancy. (ndmessier @,

Nancy said...

P.S. Are you in Ohio? Do you live in Ohio, too?

Ruth said...

What a wonderful accomplishment to make the house smile again - there definitely is a feeling you get from a space and to make a happy one is worth all the effort!

Cut&Alter said...

Oh my what an amazing place you and your extended families have. I would LOVE to have an opportunity to step into a time capsule like that. All your photos have made me smile a lot. Thanks for the liny party for #BraveQuilter - I will look forward to it starting again in September.

Stitchin At Home said...

How neat to bring a family home from the 50's and 60's to todays standards. I'm sure all the hard work will pay off as you seat and enjoy the porch or waterfalls or even the song of the bullfrogs.

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

Oh that sounds like an amazing place! I do hope you get to get up there and unplug a log!!

Sarah Craig said...

Love your family place - it looks like a wonderful place to spend some quality time! I hope it's ok if I linked up to #bravequilter this month - I feel like a brave and perhaps foolhardy quilter this month as I prepare to host a twelve day, 26 blog hop and quilt-along!!!

Anja @ Anja Quilts said...

You sure have been busy. Looks like a lot of hard work and love went into the project. Kudos!! Looking forward to the summer break -- too much #BraveQuilter is stretching my boundaries to fast. ha ha ha ha

Kate said...

What a great place for a family retreat. Hope you get to enjoy the rewards of your labors soon.

Sandra Walker said...

Even though I missed the deadlines (but I was with you in my heart for sure this past month), I sure was a brave quilter, doing the Henry Glass Desire to Inspire Challenge! I've enjoyed seeing the progress on your family getaway, both here and on Instagram, enjoyed seeing some blasts from the past that are about the same age as my husband (how can that BE?), and love the woodsy feel (Thoreau's Walden Pond springs to mind) of the place. Unplugging is definitely a great way to recharge, as blogs do sap a lot of energy and time from our creative spirits.