Sunday, March 13, 2016

Sewing a Zipper Bag from Socks

Upcycled Footie Socks to Zipper Bag

It goes without saying that we are examples to family and friends when they see us making. Never underestimate the impact you have inspiring someone else, and I will add, even if they never show the smallest interest. 

A Short Story to This Interesting Project

My youngest daughter, the llama keeper, mentioned something off handed to me one morning about making a zipper bag from old socks. I snickered, and said I didn't think that was possible. I likely replied, " won't work." And she tossed back, "Well, I did it." Now she had my full attention.

You guessed it. I asked if I could see it. She complied, and I was shocked, blown away, and all smiles. She knits, but has never sewn. I've made her a few zipper bags, but she only comes to the studio to bring me coffee and gluten free yummy things she's testing. Imagine this mother's delight!

This bag started with a pair of Target footies that were a former favorite. She cut off each cuff area then cut lengthwise to the toe area to maximize the amount of fabric she could salvage.

She hand sewed in an industrial metal zipper--

And finished by lining the bag with scrap fabric. She completed the entire project by using surgical stitches.

I would love to take some credit for her innovative project, the one I said couldn't be done, but I can't. The only part I had was doing the thing I love, and cheering her on after the fact.

I am one proud mama here, and this should reminds us all what example we're setting, and we never know who's watching.


Sue said...

She did an awesome job. Good on her!

Anja @ Anja Quilts said...

Genius! What a great idea.

Stitchin At Home said...

Neat idea! And good for her going beyond the ordinary.

tink's mom said...

Simply Awesome.

Soma @ said...

That is so clever!! Now I know what to with those socks that I love but are not wearable anymore :)


Kate said...

Very cute and clever.