Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Dyeing to Share Part II

Fiber Reactive Procion MX Dyes

Those of you who ahhhhed at the Jet Black, I'm with you! Hands down, this is my favorite, but I really think it pulls a dark inky blue, too. Above are 2 fat eighths of Essex linen, and below is a Kona cotton. Linen's texture above adds something to it, although the Kona isn't necessarily 'less wonderful.' It's just more subtly textured.

This was a low immersion experiment done with 3 primary colors and a black. Lemon Yellow 004, Turquoise 068 , Fuchsia 040, and Jet Black 150. I blended many different techniques together, but here are a few details where I started.

I scoured my PFD Kona, soaked it in 1 cup soda ash:1 gallon + 1 quart water for 15 minutes. I mixed 3 primary colors plus 1 black using 1 tsp of each dye to 1/4 cup water to form a paste. Then I added 1 cup water solution made with 1 cup salt: 1 gallon water.

This is pure fuchsia on Kona above, lemon yellow below, and two different FQ's of turquoise. To the one cup with the lighter blue, I added extra salt water to dilute the solution.

My colors did not get 'muddy' like some of you have expressed problems with. This is due to the low immersion method, I believe. The fabric grabs the first color it comes in contact with. 

I mixed some yellow and blue in a cup swirling it together. Then I added the FQ in to pick up the luscious lime. It's bright!

I used the same method of mixing first, and was after more of an orange here, but am very happy with this coral piece. The bits of white left here are because I smashed the fabric down into the Solo cup, and you can see where it touched the liquid dye first in the upper left corner, wicking it up.

There's a lot more orange in this FQ, but the mixing happened in the cup. As I scrunched the fabric in, I continued to dribble in liquid dye. 

Fuschia and turquoise were blended together first to make this plum color, followed with dribbling a little blue in the top.

More two-toned, but great effects in the smash lines. 

I would have had a good chance of a mud color here with regular dyeing, but these dyes gave me a perfect piece of holiday fabric. I can't get over the depth of the colors! It's such beautiful eye candy.

There's more fabric scouring in the washer, and I have a project in mind for it using the Jet Black. The real dilemma is do I start on it now while the fire is hot, or stay on task to finish up so many others? I think maybe both in moderation. I'll plan the one, and while working through the dyeing process finish up some of the others. I'm loving this project!

Color Helps Us Cope. What Else Does?

Part of beating the winter blues, (they call it blue for a reason) if you get it, is finding things that help you. One big thing to counteract it for me has always been the act of making plans. I don't have any signs of SAD (seasonal affective disorder) this year, but in the past found it helpful to have a few things scheduled. A haircut, going to a movie, or a date with a friend, if even just to meet for a walk were good ones. Keep it low key, but keep on going. 

Other Things I've Found

  • Keep routines as normal as possible even through the holiday itself. 
  • Eat regular meals, and normal food. 
  • Watch your caffeine. 
  • Set your alarm, and don't sleep in.
  • Limit the times you're committed to be somewhere at a certain time. That was, and still is stressful for me. 
  • Stick to the FlyLady routines with the house and shopping. 
  • Have your family help out with the extra work. Be up front with how much help you need.
  • Make an effort to dress well every day. (I swear there's nothing that makes you feel worse than running into an old friend who's dressed to the nines, and you have snips of threads stuck all over your sweat pants. Really! I've been there.) 
  • Forgive yourself every day. We're not perfect.
  • Smile. You may not all agree, but even if we're having a bad day, sometimes it helps to fake it 'til we make it. This, too, shall pass.

Have the holiday under control.
 Don't let it control you!

Come on, Doxie girls.
Let's go sew.

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Stitchin At Home said...

These turned out fabulously.

Leanne Parsons said...

They're all so bright and gorgeous!

Unknown said...

Great job, Julie!!!

Jayne said...

The texture and colors are so vibrant! Hand dyed fabrics are fabulous. I don't often do low water, but the drama you can achieve!!

Anja @ Anja Quilts said...

These are wonderful. Love the fuschia and lime. Great job.

Kaja said...

Wow, great, intense colours.

LA Paylor said...

these are spectacular. If you are this talented with dye, I say stop everything else and do just this and send me some! LOl
I am the other person trying to dress better even if I'm not going anywhere. I have snips of threads on the good clothes too. I decided I pack up the good clothes at change of season never having worn them, because I wasn't going anywhere. Now I want to just wear them because it's fun. LeeAnna at not afraid of color

Anonymous said...

These are so beautiful! I love how you went into this like a scientific experiment.
Speaking of science, the fuchsia and turquoise reminds me of Gram stained bacteria 🙌

Mary Huey said...

Fabric dying -- yuk!! (-: The mess really turns me off but I'm always impressed by the results folks achieve. Great survival tips!!

the zen quilter said...

Wow these are so gorgeous! Fun to make fabric the exact colors you want.

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Beautiful colors! I really like the fushia and turquoise!

Lisa in Port Hope said...

Of course it's a little difficult right now, but have you tried snow dying?

I dyed a tsirt once--it was a gift, in a colour which did not suit me at all, but I wore it until it fell apart once it was a turquoise blue.