Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Moda Modern Building Blocks Mashup

Moda Modern Building Blocks have dominated my design wall these past couple of weeks. Cut out, looking pretty, but unsewn. It seemed like a waste to take it all down without completing them, so I started this morning. While I sewed the first blocks, I stared at this grouping of fabrics. I was weak. Darn! It's way more fun to cut these blocks out than to sew and press seams.

I've been sitting on these Cotton+Steel kitties a few months, and thought they would be adorable in this block. I needed a 19 1/4" square of fabric to then cut diagonally. Unfortualtely, I tend to buy only a little bit of a fabric if it's not on sale, so I bought just half a yard. The same thing with the Karavan geometric fabric. I had enough of the Moda arithmetic fabric to cut out a 19 1/4" square, so I split the block up into different prints in the same colorway. I had yet to add the Kona Snow solid into the block.

We had sporadic thunderstorms all day long, and the light was grey in the studio. Taking pictures on dim days is a challenge, but I'm trying out a new portable LED light. It's not as good as daylight, but better than without it.

Both these blocks finish out at 36". They were a bit challenging to cut out using the Moda diagram, but turned out fairly well considering the room for error.

The grey outer area is a grey hatching. So, if it looks grey, it IS!

It goes without saying that there are things I have to learn as I continue sewing. I always try to pass them on to you, even if they're little.

If you've heard of Leaders & Enders, and weren't sure what it was for, this is a good example. Notice how the seam becomes narrower at the end? It shows that I was having a hard time holding onto it as it went under the presser foot, or that the weight of the fabric in the back pulled it enough to turn it. Both can happen, and do. If I was ready with another couple of pieces of scrap to feed in right away following my seam here, it would help to keep my seam the appropriate 1/4". I had to go back and correct this, or my seam would have been floppy looking on the sides, and not met up correctly with the block next to it.

After I made the above correction, I realized my machine didn't sound as good as it should when I sewed. I made time to stop, and do a good cleaning with my brush in the bobbin case, under the needle case, and wiped down the outside of the machine. I changed my needle, and pitched the last. It was dull. Then I put a drop of oil in my bobbin case 'using my instruction booklet's directions'. Could you imagine I had been putting it in the wrong place all along? The result was a glorious hum that sounded like a newly serviced machine.

This was my first chance to try out my new gadget. I had seen these before, and wasn't sure if I wanted to shell out the money for a standing guillotine. This is the Gypsy Cutting Gizmo, and available through the link or your LQS.

Yes, oh, yes, it is worth it! Just cut, cut, cut without picking up your scissors, laying out the chain piecing, and individually snipping each one. What did I do without it?

Another of the larger blocks all sewn together.

We're set for another day of storms, and I have lots of obligations besides sewing. It's not yet 6 a.m. so I have some time to squeeze it some sewing time while the Doxies girls snooze here at the house.

Stay safe wherever you are.

To my Hive mates visiting from New Quilt Bloggers, thank you for visiting Pink Doxies. It's so wonderful to meet all you creative bloggers, and create a community with you.

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Come on, Doxie girls.
Let's go sew.


Nicky said...

Thanks for sharing the leader/ender tip - I thought it just saved thread and your project disappearing down the hole - hadn't realised it helped keep your seams straight! Thanks for linking up to #scraptastictuesday! Hope you are enjoying the MMBBM!

Unknown said...

I really like the second block. What is the blue print? Thanks for the tip on leaders and enders I really need to start doing that.

legato1958 said...

I love your blocks! The colors are my cup of tea!! And, what a perfect way to showcase your C&S cats!!
Great tips !!! I liked showing the Cutting Gizmo. It looks so helpful and I had not heard of it before.

Anonymous said...

I love that tip about leaders and enders. I've seen other quilters use them but your photos really point out their benefits. Next time I sew I'm going to use this tip.

Julie said...

Gosh, Nicky, this is too funny because I never considered the 'going down the hole part'. I have rarely had that happen, but it must be my machine. Obviously this was good information to trade! And thank you for hosting the Scraptastic link up for June.

Liz said...

Great tip about leaders and enders! I've had that happen to me before but didn't realize there was a name for it, or better yet, a solution! Thanks Julie!!

Cathy said...

Your blocks look wonderful! I love leaders/enders. Using bits for another quilt help it build a little bit at a time. As far as cleaning, I have made it a rule: I wind 10 bobbins. When I run out of bobbins, I clean up the machine and change the needle. It makes a huge difference!

Juliet @ Tartankiwi said...

I love the colours and fabrics that you chose for your first block- beautiful.
Thanks for the leaders and enders trick... If I can ever pull myself away from paper piecing long enough to do some traditional piecing I will definitely give it a try!

Michelle @ From Bolt to Beauty said...

Yay for progress on your Moda Modern Building Blocks! It's on my to-do list, too. I'm considering using Bonnie and Camille fabric and solids. How much fabric decisions did you make before starting to cut?