Friday, May 22, 2015

One Lovely Blog Award at Pink Doxies

I was nominated for the "One Lovely Blog Award" 
this past week by a blogger friend. Within a 
few days, several more nominated Pink Doxies.
I think the Universe was telling me, "Do It!"
I read whatever I could, but there seem to be
no firm origins to find, yet I'm sure it's out 
there. There were 2 buttons in Blogland about
it. I think the pink is my favorite, but both
are the same thing.

So, here I am with my own post for the
"One Lovely Blog Award."

Sincere gratitude to~

Kaja at Sew Slowly
Marly at Marly's Quilts

There are few rules, per se, except these 3:

*Thank the person (or persons) who gave 
you the nomination.

*List 7 things about yourself people might
not know.

*Nominate other blogs you feel are Lovely!
Some have put a number on it, but Iris at
crazydutchbirdquilts has said she's confirmed
the wording as 'other'. I'm going with her 
definition as it was holding up my posting.
   Thank you to each of the wonderful bloggers
above who nominated Pink Doxies. I encourage 
you to visit them. They are all quilting bloggers
whom I follow and admire.

7 Things You Might Not Know About Me

  1. I am careful about being gluten-free, but will
ocassionally cheat and have a beer. I pay for it
the next morning in the way I feel.

2. I had never even read another blog before 
I decided to write one. I am spontaneous!

3. I worry about my projects looking 'too cute'.

4. I read widely. I had the luxury of 
homeschooling my children for 17 years, and 
read to keep up with their reading. We covered 
literature from the Greeks to present today, and 
are all still readers. I have no one favorite 
author, but am always excited to get a new 
Tarquin Hall mystery. Greek Myth is a favorite.
Also, by the way, I am officially retiring 
this year. Woohoo!

5. I am a creature of habit as is my family.
We eat at the same Mexican restaurant at 
least once a week, and we all have our same
thing almost every time. I see it as a decision
I don't have to make.

6. I am allergic to cats, guinea pigs, rabbits,
horses...but not Doxies, thank Heaven!

7. I really, really hate getting stuck by a pin!

That wasn't so hard. Now to nominate several
blogs for One Lovely Blog Award. Please excuse
me for not naming so many as it seems to be
permeating Blogland. That's GOOD! It's wonderful
to highlight the good things we share, and 
this is a lovely way to pass the light.

VeggieMummy from Tales from the Riverbank
Linda at Art in Search
Teje at Nerospost

Be well this Friday, and be sure to visit Pink Doxies
Pet Project Show tomorrow to link up your
goodies from the week. I have something 
patriotic in progress for Memorial Day
to show you. 

'Til then--

Come on, Doxie girls.
Gotta go sew today!


Marly said...

Nice, Julie, to read more about you. Thank you for introducing me to three "new" (at least to me!) bloggers. Have a good holiday.

Teje Karjalainen said...

Hi Julie! Wonderful post and thank you for nominating my blog! I love your blog and work! Your seven things are interesting - never read any blog?! I'm so happy for you not be allergic to Doxies! Have a lovely weekend! x Teje

legato1958 said...

Hi Julie,
So nice to learn a little more about you!

shubham sapkal said...
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Mary Huey said...

What fun!!