Friday, March 20, 2015

Short, Sweet, and Done--Pet Project Show #12

This quilt took me a year to 
complete, and more than once I was tempted to 
not finish it at all. I'm glad I kept at it because 
it forced me to grow my skills. I overcame the fear 
that I would mess up the FMQ beyond repair.
You all told me that the mistakes I knew were
there were not seen by others, so I kept on.
Thank you!

The last post here will give you many details 
of my process.

Now for some show and tell about my
I went shopping with my husband to
our local mega hardware store. I was 
seriously complaining about my scissors
picking up all my pins. I frequently use a
giant magnet to 'sweep' my floor area, or
skim it over my tables for a quick pin pick up.
Unfortunately, the pins can become the
tiniest bit magnetic.

$1 bought a demagnitizer that fixed my scissors!

Next was a too small, and slippery ruler problem.
I was looking for gripping material to put on my
ruler backs, and came across this 36", heavy-duty
ruler with an anti-slip backing. It has a place to 
keep my fingers up and off the cutting bed, and
it works like a dream!

Guys have cool toys, and some are way
cheaper than the quilting tool vendors.

Don't forget tomorrow is the Pink Doxies
Pet Project Show. I'll open up the Link Party
just before I go to bed for all you folks living
'Over the Pond.'

Lots to do today, and get ready to show you
next week. I've already been to Miller's Dry Goods 
(my FLQS- favorite local quilt store) early this 
morning, and it was packed with happy 
quilters on the Quilting and Cuisine Shop HopIt
continues through tomorrow.

Time to finish up another quilt top.
Here's a sneak peek at some blocks
so you can see the fun fabrics.
I'm so excited to get it all together!

Come on, Doxie Girls.
Let's go sew.

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The Raincross Quilt Guild said...

What mistakes? Can you see them as one gallops by on a horse at speed? Didn't see any. Overall, it's great! We are our worst critics. You did good. Nice new tools, too.

Emily said...

i love that quilt top.
such a cute twist on the normal + quilts i have seen

Lilly's Mom said...

Your quilt is beautiful! Not only is the design of the quilt pieces intriguing but the quilting itself is so lovely. How I admire your quilting skills. I do not quilt - maybe if I put down my knitting needles I could learn one day :). Happy Friday.

Lynn said...

Wow Julie, that's some serious quilting - that looks so good! I may have a try at that pattern myself, but I'm not sure I can do it as evenly as you, great inspiration.

Maryse said...

I commend you for finishing it despite the temptation of putting it aside... Your quilt is pretty and I like the mix of colors. The quilting is beautiful, it's such an intricate design and doesn't look easy to do. Nobody will notice the mistakes if there are any ... :-)

Great tools ... I especially like the ruler, I might have to pay a visit to the hardware store myself. :-)

Quilting Stories said...

You did very well not to abandon this lovely, so fresh quilt! And thanks for this new party!

Marly said...

I love the quilt that took you so long. The patchwork pattern is great fun, and quite a puzzle. I've been staring at it, trying to work out where one block ends and the next one starts! As for your quilting: you're the only one who sees its idiosyncrasies! (They are NOT mistakes - don't ever think that!) To me it looks perfect, and very difficult. Congratulations on a great finish.

Penny said...

The quilt is beautiful, not a mistake to be seen! Who knew you could get a demagnetizer? I know just what you mean about picking up scissors and finding them festooned in pins! Thanks for joining in with Happy Friday x Penny (Planet Penny)

VeggieMummy said...

Stunning quilts. Mistakes - Ha! I can show you mistakes! I'm quite new to quilting and have difficulty avoiding creases on the back. I definitely think I need more practice. Have a great week. x

Unknown said...

Is the new metal ruler very heavy? What a neat idea! I am so happy to be able to figure out your + block - very nicely finished too! I am on four rows of it now. My colors are more intense - so soft light ones. But we'll see.