Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Playing with Blocks

I had some time to sew this weekend, and I wanted to jump right in cutting into 
the huge stack of fabric I'd pulled a few weeks ago. 
I'm suddenly intrigued by all the possibilities the Log Cabin block holds. 

But I used restraint, started by cruising Pinterest, and created a new board.
Log Cabin Quilts, Blocks, and Ideas
Now I have over 100 pictures of visual inspiration
and a starting point to create in my own style.

I played for quite a while. 

I had no real goal in mind except to create blocks.

Even if they never go into a quilt, there are oodles of projects to use them in.

Don't be afraid to be silly...

or use color combinations out of your comfort zone. 

I DID finally cut into my stack, (top), and had to make 4 blocks to see the big picture. 

If it's a hard thing for you to do, set a timer for half an hour, and keep piecing. 
                                                           Stop at the ding for tea, and take a break.

Wasn't that fun?

Warning: DO try this at home!


I'm linking up today with a few other blogs. 

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Thank you to each one for today's Linky Party.
So many good things in store today. Check them out,
and all the folks who've linked up.
There are some beautiful projects today.

The Doxie Girls and I have sewn all day long.
They're ready for a nap in the last rays of sunshine,
and I need to get ready for sewing tonight at Joann's.

Until the next time...
Go sew.


Sarah @ mila+cuatro said...

You've had fun, Julie. this is the sort of activity that Victoria Findlay Wolfe encourages in her book 15 Minutes of Play.

Janine @ Rainbow Hare said...

Beautiful blocks and your process sounds like fun :)

Pedal Sew Lightly said...

I love your fabric. It is so cheerful and bright. I'm inspired to do some log cabin experimentation now. Thanks!

Tanya Quilts in CO said...

I have been making medallion log cabin blocks with my scraps. I think they will make some great colorful quilts. Thank you for sharing and I am visiting from Sew Cute Tuesday!

Lisa J. said...

These are very interesting log cabin blocks. I like that they stretch the tradition, and your fabric choices are fun.

MegsAnn said...

It's an interesting exercise to just play around with designs and fabrics without having a quilt in mind... at least not yet. I need to set a timer to remember to take breaks! The pinterest board with ideas is a good tip too. www.quiltartbymegan.com

Nicky said...

Great idea to just sew and have fun creating! I'm sure they will all find a place....thanks for linking up to #scraptastictuesday

Julie said...

I so have! I will look for the title. Thanks for the recommendation.

Julie said...

Thank you. I get in my sewing room, and time flies. It's color therapy for me, and I love it.

Julie said...

Thanks. I am longing for some new fabric, so I'm digging deeply through my stash for something I haven't used before. Sometimes we just need to pair our 'old' stuff with something different, and it brings it back to life for us.

audrey said...

So much fun! I love playing with log cabin blocks. I never tire of them.:)

Julie said...

Tanya, I popped over to your own blog. I see! I think it's fun to use one block style with a lot of different color combos. Thank you for stopping here.

Julie said...

Lisa, I was after anything different than what I was doing. Not all were 'my' style, but most grew on me by the finish.
Thank you.

Julie said...

I love Pinterest! When I go dry for ideas, I go there. Just making a board is an exercise in itself, but that's another place to set your timer.
Thanks, Megan.

Julie said...

Thank you for having me. I love the opportunity to link up, but have found so many other fabulous blogs through the links.

I think most of my sewing time is spent just seeing what happens. I do love improv.

Julie said...

So do I! I think I'm going to spend the rest of January going through all the versions. Follow the road to the end, so to say. I just think it would be fun to totally explore one block with so many different color and print ideas. We'll see what happens then.

Anonymous said...

I started a log cabin quilt yesterday. I'd previously made two blocks for a bee, but this is the first time since I started down this crazy quilting path that I've made some for me. Mine are black & white and so far I'm not loving them, but I hope that changes! Love your fun blocks!

Julie said...

Wannabeequilter, I posted a reply over on your blog. It's rather long, Sorry. Regardless of how it turns out, and I think it's going to be just what you were shooting for, I love that you are real out here! I'm so glad when other bloggers say, "I tried this, and I don't think it happened for me." It gives the rest of us hope! We aren't alone. Yes, if you make a quilt from an exact pattern with the same fabrics, it going to look like it all works. And that's fine, if that's what you are looking to do. But for me, it's not the quilt that thrills me as much as the road I travel to make it. I applaud you for putting on miles!

Kim said...

Your blocks are so pretty. I love the log cabin block. It's one of those blocks I am looking at making to use up my scraps since they are all nicely sorted.

Mary Huey said...

I like your cheerful attitude about experimenting with one block and let them lead you on a exploration of the possibilities!!

Zenia Rene said...

I love log cabin quilts...especially scrappy ones!! I also love tea! However, when I'm on a roll, I find it very difficult to "take a break". I bring my tea to the sewing area, where I take a few sips while it's still hot...and then the next thing I know...it's cold!!

Teje Karjalainen said...

Hi Julie! Your blocks are all beautiful! That's the great thing with quilting that even some blocks or Fabrics that are not our favourites, they will MIX well with the others and sometimes they are important to make the reasult alive. I love log cabin but haven used it only few times. Thank you for reminding! x Teje