Friday, November 7, 2014

I Survived the Zombie (Quilt)

This is Friday, and I'm doing the Happy Dance.
The Zombie quilt is done, done, done. 

Big check mark today. I love checking off boxes when I get things done, even if just mentally. It gives me satisfaction to 'see' my list whittled down. I'm down to one project from last winter, and two current ones. Solid progress considering how many I started with.

Last week I started quilting the Zombie, and I showed you pictures along the way. It went swimmingly until Saturday. One minute I was fine, then every time I sewed a curve, the top thread would pull the bobbin threads up through. I adjusted the tension both ways. No luck. I thought maybe my thread spool was causing a tension issue because it was nearly empty. Early Monday morning I made a trip for another spool. Now with new thread, and a new bobbin wound, I gave it a try. Still happening. I changed the needle. It continued. I racked my brain, and dug through books and the internet until I was very frustrated, and then I called my out-of-state sister-in-law who teaches quilting. She suggested all the things I had already done. As an after thought, she said it's just possible I had a piece of thread stuck in the bobbin case. I doubted that since I had cleaned it with a brush twice, but I checked it yet again with bright light. By Darn, there WAS a tiny, 1/2" piece of thread stuck in there! I pulled it out, and problem solved. I couldn't believe it worked. Thank you, thank you, Brynne,
and on went the project.

The overall quilting reminds me of tattooing. It's a little edgy. 

The binding is a current fabric from Jo-Ann's I had in my stash. I like the way the color pops from the back, and that it is a completely new fabric adding to the pattern play on the front. I machine sewed it onto the back, turned it to the front, and machine stitched it down. The nice thing about the pattern is how well it hides the stitching, and black thread disappears on the black backing. It was a no-sweat-finish.

When the weather gives us a break, I'll take some full quilt pictures outside.

Bring on the weekend, friends. Time to have some fun, and hopefully it involves some sewing for both of us.

Come on, Doxie Girls.
We'll clean up the sewing room, 
and Mama might make you a new bed for winter.
Minnie needs something warm.

She's had her eye on this little charm pack all week. 
Doxies love bright colors!

Come on, Doxie Girls.
Let's go sew.

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