Monday, October 20, 2014

Weekend Recap and Wonky Blocks

I woke up this morning, and took a look at the house. Whoa.
What happened here, and where did the weekend go?

Truthfully, I do remember back to about the middle of last week with my last blog post. Then there were a lot of decisions to make about the new barn. Door placements, trusses, etc. I remember a fabric sale on Friday. Saturday I had arranged to meet some brand new friends at a local artist's Open House, Sally Windate's Hidden Hollow Pottery, and we all found some gorgeous new pieces. (Mine just happen to resemble the current quilt colors I'm using. What are the odds of that?)

My newly-met friend, Eiko, lived nearby, and we lunched at her house, and spent hours looking at her fabulous quilts and art made from silks. What a treat, and a beautiful day! Sunday I was under the weather, and I worked on little projects here and there that needed attention. Lots of laundry, and lots of ironing, so I put on a good Cary Grant movie, and time flew. 

In between, I squeezed in a block or two at a time, and my little wall of blocks grew. I did aubergine blocks until I needed a visual break, and started into my grey stash. 

I decided that I didn't like the totally wonky strips and wonky block look together for this project like I did in the first 12.5" test block. So I started all with regularly cut 2" or so strips, and then sewed straight seams at 1.5 mm a frame at a time. Then I used my ruler to angle them, and trim them wonky. 

Ellison Lane has a perfect tutorial on wonky Log Cabin blocks, and you can modify it to your own liking. You don't have to have the same number of 'frames'. Maybe you want it 'wonkier'.  Make it like hers, or tweak it to make your own.

Here's one I worked out this morning. I started with a little, bitty scrap that is a trimming from one previously made.  Then I added another bitty scrap to it.

Here's where you need to start thinking about the rest of the fabrics, and the look you're after. Also, keep in mind the overall size. My center is tiny, so my next round will need to bring it up to the 'just under 7"' block I'm aiming for. 

Guess what? Too small overall. I had to add another 2 sides. I had no worries, though. I will look just fine when I'm done. These are called 'wonky' for a reason. Give that first row a quick angled trim, and sew on the last strips.

Many people fuss about making wonky blocks because you waste your fabric by trimming it off. You can see how much I had to trim here to make it wonky. Not very much at all. If I do trim it down a lot more, those little scraps can be used just like I did to start the center of this block. 

Woolah! The finished block.

So far, so fun! 

It's interesting. While I was working these up, I kept thinking how my mom would hate these. I know that's not nice to say, but it's just Not her style at all. But every one of my daugters and young women in their 20's that saw these said, "Wow! I love these!" "These are my favorite ones so far!" "Oooo! Now those are so ____!" There's a style for all of us, and even if this isn't yours, it's a fun technique. 

The day is ours for the taking, Doxie Girls.
Let's go sew.

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