Friday, October 3, 2014

Paper Stars-Making Your Own Templates

Come on. 
Look closely at this with me. 

If we look critically at this first star of mine, we'll find a few points that aren't "just so". The horizontal lines in the fabric are all a few degrees off being horizontal. Hmmmm....What-ever! Those little things will not deter me from being pleased as pie with it!

I drew this star out on paper with a pencil compass and ruler, and made a pattern from it.

It was very basic geometry, and I just played around until I got it. I traced a paper pattern piece for the star parts, and then another for the yellow fabric border to round out the pattern making it easy to sew. 

If I can do this, you can, too!

It's empowering to think we can make our own patterns. I know those sweet, see-thru acrylic templates are tempting, (I've got some, too), but we can also strike out and create our own just as women have done for decades. If you're watching your quilting budget, don't be afraid to try. I remember my grandmother told me she used cardboard from old cereal boxes years ago. Clear plastic Cool Whip lids are handy, and using a craft knife for accuracy is helpful.

Let go of perfectionism.
Give yourself permission to make mistakes.
Be Free to Create.

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