Thursday, October 23, 2014


 Yesterday's deconstruction project started on the barn.

I saw this early in this morning.

Our little barn is carefully coming down board by board, and being re-purposed. There will be little waste to our project. The lumber will be turned into something else useful and needed. I love that, don't you?

Do you re-purpose things? I do. I'm a believer in thrift stores, and second and third-hand uses. Kids clothes are the easiest when you hit a resale store. I figure it's already pre-shrunk and broken in. It's great to walk out with a whole bag of great stuff that cost less than a couple pair of jeans at full price would. I only wish we'd had them around more when our older kids were little. Back then it was pretty much hunting through garage sales, and trading with friends as all our children grew up. 

Used, but useful? Put it here. 
Even little Gnadenhutten has one!

The other day when my friend Wenda was here, she pulled out several pair of corduroy pants she'd found at thrift. The fabric was perfect. She was cutting them up for a colorful quilt. I dug around for some fabric I had on hand I probably wouldn't use soon, and donated to her project. She's going to have a gorgeous, warm quilt when she's done with little cost. 

My sister-in-law knew that I had gotten back into quilting, and said she had moved on from it, but still had a significant stash of fabric in her basement. Would I want it? (Um, what do you think I said?) Bring it on! So, several of the past weekends have been spent sorting, washing, and ironing out fabric to freshen it up again. It's mostly from the 80's and 90's, but other than a few peachy-brown pieces I wasn't sure I could handle, it's in my stash now. If not used in my quilts, it will blend well into scrap quilts for donation projects. I am very grateful for the gift. Thank you, Tina.

If you put word out there, many times people will remember you. Let people know you're a quilter, and you take yardage or even scraps. You may find bags gracing your door step. If you need something special, don't forget the thrift stores. Sometimes for the price of  an article of clothing, you can add a vintage look to your project, or something jazzy a kid would love. It's just another way of personalizing your work, and pinching pennies to boot.

And last, but not least, I will give you a continuing glimpse into my improv squares. I'm starting with 10 of each, and have the aubergine/purpley done, the greys, the citrus yellows, and now am on to the limey greens. My mom saw it a little bit ago, and put her hand over her mouth. Then, slowly, she started to warm up to it, and I think she even liked it a little because of the piecing. Me, well, I love it or I wouldn't be doing it. I hope you love whatever you're doing today, too. 

Piece out!
The Doxie Girls and I are headed down to sew before supper.
Come on, Doxie Girls.
Mamma needs to go sew.

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