Friday, September 26, 2014

Tag! You're It! Graphic Bag Finish Up Part II

The bag was a pretty straight forward finish--I thought. I found some 2" D-rings at my local fabric and craft store. 

I finished off the edges of the straps, and put the D-rings on the smallest flap, which was on the bottom. I double-stitched it. Wow. It 'looked' great. 

Then I top-stitched the outer rim of the bag. The red-orange side in a reddish thread, and the aqua in an aqua tone. The threads weren't exact matches, but that's what I had. All was good.

Then came the moment to try it on and cinch it up, and that's when the D-rings didn't function right. I'd sewn it so the strap was looping through and then had to be pulled UP. When I put weight on the strap, it slipped. I realized the rings should have been sewn on the strap coming over my body. That meant the lower strap would then need to be longer. To function correctly, the strap needed to be pulled downward. Argggg! It was dinner time, so I stopped to have supper. It was a very frustrating moment.

The strap goes through both D-rings first, then tuck it backward going over the first and under the second. Pull tight.

It took less that 15 minutes after supper to fix it. I actually cut off the longest strap just a little lower than the position the D-rings should be. I just tried it on, and looked in a mirror to estimate. I turned under the strap edge, and sewed the D-rings there. Then I add that chunk to the shorter bottom strap. I overlapped the bottom pieces by about 1" with finished edges , and sewed in a rectanlge all around the overlap for strength. It looked like it was supposed to be that way. And when I tried it back on, it worked like it was supposed to!

I designed and added a tag, and wah-lah, it's ready for dear daughter to take back to college this weekend. (My boys gave me the high sign approving my tag design.)

Come on, Doxie girls.

It's time to go make apple fritters today at the Swiss Festival in Sugarcreek.

Whoop! Whoop!

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Cathy said...

I love it! I agree with the boys on the high five.

Nancy said...

What a great bag. Isn't it great that we who sew can redesign things any way we like?