Wednesday, September 24, 2014

I'm All Done with Love

There was no rush yesterday. There was no drama. It was downright restful for a change.

Darling daughter and I had coffee with a friend at a real coffee shop--we do get out, and then shopped for something other than quilt fabric. There was no push to get downstairs to piece or quilt after lunch. A vacation day, you might say. Surreal. You see, my machine had to go in to be serviced, and I picked yesterday to do it. I'm hoping it doesn't need parts so I can pick it up tomorrow. I don't think I can handle another day like that for a while! Whew.

Luckily, I had the binding sewn onto the Love Quilt, and had something to sew after supper. I'd finished the machine quilting the afternoon before, and for the binding picked a pale grey fabric with hatch marks I pulled from my stash. So now I was ready for a few hours with my thimble and a good movie.

The binding went faster than every before, and I wonder if it's because I used the new Clover Wonder Clips. They were much more comfortable to use than pins because I could adjust them with the quilt in my lap. No more getting stuck, and bleeding on my quilt. I will say, the pack of 50 had at least 10% duds. Those were not springy coming out of a brand new box, but I had gotten a really good deal so it wasn't as painful. Overall, they were quite handy.

I love the final texture of the quilting both back and front. I wish you could feel it. The quilting definitely reminds me of how we doodled on our book covers dreaming about boys, and I'm thrilled when people look at it and see something new they hadn't seen before--like an I Spy game. I hope you enjoy the end result as much as I do. 

The girls and I are going to have some
lap time with our new quilt.
Rest well, Doxies.

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