Friday, September 19, 2014

Did You See My New Button? The Process Pledge

Third star done, and fabric for the fourth ready. I'm going to turn the two into a bag. 

Here's the fabric chosen for the other two. The top one 'pops' on the blue.

This one 'pops' on the red.

I found this fabric that ties them. If they're on opposite sides of a bag, no one will view them side by side. Maybe I'll even get the tote done for Heritage Arts Day tomorrow in Coshocton, Ohio.

This part is also important. Please stick with me here.

So, the button. Yesterday I stumbled over to Rossie Hutchinson's blog,  Fresh Modern Quilts , and I immediately felt very at home. That link will take you to "The Process Pledge", and explain the theory. It says, essentially, that to have a blog and just post pictures of your finished quilt removes the mental and physical processes you go through to make it. It's like showing a fondant wrapped cake, and giving no clue to how you had to roll, tuck, and smooth to create that seamless fondant coating. It's pretty, for sure, but it deprives the person who wants to follow in your footsteps from learning how.  

It means that I vow to keep on posting exactly like I have from the start, showing you pictures of things "In Progress". What I've picked for fabrics, changes and screw-ups, etc. This is what design is about, and this is what the thrill of quilting is for me. It's Process. It's not just whipping out a Quickie Quilt in a day so you have something great to show every day. I promise this, and we'll learn together.

One more thing. While reading Quilting with a Modern Slant by Rachel May, I first saw the name Rossie Hutchinson. She declared herself a "Copy Leftist" there, and I saw it again yesterday while reading her blog. That is, "We should credit one another for our ideas, and not try to run 'around making everything [we] say or do into property.' "That hit me hard right before I went to bed, and I laid there a long time thinking about what it meant. To me, it means I'm happy if people can bridge off of my ideas or posts, as long as they credit me for any original work. There is virtually nothing completely original as we all get ideas that are a jumble of everything we've seen before. You like it, you credit me, you are welcome to use it.

Another side of the argument worth noting here is, 'What about the person who depends on her or his original idea to copyright and supply his income?' If someone copyrights their own idea or product, that's a whole different animal. They legally own the right to profit from it. I respect that decision, too.

It's a lot to think about. 

Come on, Doxie girls.

Time to go sew.

Lovin' up the Agatha baby

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