Thursday, September 11, 2014

A Man On a Galloping Horse

The Doxie girls let me know when it's time to take a break in my day. They need to go out often. Sometimes it's just to hunt the shrubbery for grinnies, what we call chipmunks, and sometimes it's serious business. I have a seat here, and often take time to read and have tea. It was the same this morning.

I looked for spiders before sitting. I always do. They're not my favorite friends.

Today the Sunburst locust was shedding its few leaves that had yellowed. The chairs were peppered, and I gave it a quick brush off so I wouldn't bring the leaves back in the house with me. Upon sitting down, I notice a leaf that was stuck. I flicked it, but it didn't move. I had a little shock when I realized it wasn't a leaf, but...

A caterpillar.

I missed that, and I looked closely! It blended in so well. My dear quilty friend, Irene, has a beautiful saying about our work: 

"A man on a galloping horse is never going to see that."
(Say it fast, and often.)

Irene is so correct. We think that every tiny mistake is going to be scrutinized by the people who look at our work. I have even been so guilty as to point mine out before someone could find it. What's with that? There are few things in our lives that are perfect, but many that are incredibly GOOD. GOOD and DONE are better than perfect to me.

So, try not to be over critical of your work, especially if you're just starting out. That man on the galloping horse is never going to notice.

With that in mind, this was my solution to a little less yardage than was needed for backing.

I used my remaining strips to piece a block roughly 18" x 22". I looked for a balance in the prints and colors, and tried to make sure I ended with bright color butting up to my backing.

When my rectangle was nearly the proper size, I folded it in half and squared it. To start, you know that your fold is going to be straight, so use that as the true side. Then, begin with your shorter length edges, and then the longer one last. 

Below is what I ended with, and it's intentional, but my bet is the man on the galloping horse will see this a mile away! 

Come on, Doxie girls.
Let's go sew.

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