Saturday, August 30, 2014

I've Been Quilting in My Dreams

Good morning, Doxie Girls! Did you sleep soundly or like me, did you dream about quilting all night long? I swear there are nights I can't shut put my ideas to sleep with me, and I wake up knowing I was quilting in my sleep. I sure hope this gets better!

While I didn't get to my actual sewing yesterday, I did do some good. As my youngest daughter puts it, I infected someone else with the Quilt Bug. A friend saw the batik quilt here on Pink Doxies, and mentioned at my house she wanted to see it. That led to my sewing rooms, my stash, tools, and so on. And after a meeting with a farmer in his lane at 8 a.m. to buy 3 pecks of tomatoes and peppers,  finally a quick trip to my favorite quilt store, Millers Dry Goods in Charm, Ohio.

Yes, this is a real sign from the front of the store, so buggies have reserved parking of their own.

We covered the store like flies on pie! And when we left, she was set on making her own quilt. This is known as the Incubation Stage. I can't wait to see it, Michelle.

Do you have friends that need your support to start? I know most of us got started this exact same way. Encourage them, help them along, and cheer them on! 

I couldn't help looking while I was there, and I nabbed some great fabric off the bargain pile again. Always a steal at $5 a yard.

1930's reproduction collection- Lazy Daisy Baskets

Dr. Suess collection

Although I don't have anything finished to show you, there's a positively gorgeous quilt posted on a blog I follow from Denmark.  Berit's Quilterier  Click the link to see her 'Green tea and sweet beans quilt'. Patchwork, applique, and embroidery all in one colorful quilt! 

Quilt plans involve the evasive baby quilt top--all planned out on paper now. I have fabric to finish ironing and stick in the stash. Also, family members bringing quilts in from out of town so we can do some photography while the sun shines this weekend. 

Make good use of your time today.

Come on, Doxie Girls. 
Get up, and let's go sew.

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