Monday, August 11, 2014

But I Had Plans

The sign on the high school says they're having an Open House in a week. I'm thinking, "Hmm. Why?" as I'm driving by hoping it might be finally warm enough to swim at the neighbors. Then it hits me. Egads! I've been blindsided. I vaguely remember summer getting started, a quiet 4th of July with a parade, and a few picnics.

You mean it's time to start school again? Are you serious? Where did our summer go? I had plans!

Stress requires tea so the Doxie girls and I had a quiet cup out on the lawn. It was shocking, but I could pick out leaves in the tops of the trees that were starting to lose their green color. My rosey sedum was certainly already pinking up, too. My daughter joined me to inform me of the latest barn news, and I could tell by her summer clothes that she had grown quite a bit without me noticing. I was sullen and in denial. This summer had flown by me, and I still had things I hadn't gotten done. You know--I had plans.

I maintained my funk through supper, and then it hit me. I had had plans, but I had not done the planning. I had floated through summer without too many worries or stressors. No day to day schedule. Maybe that was not all bad considering I hold summer to be sacred vacation time to unwind physically and mentally. Mission accomplished, but I had a pile of projects inside and out waiting for my attention, and responsibilities looming rather quickly.

I find that during crunch time I become a list maker, and can usually avert an emergency. It's a method I've been using since childhood, and it works for me. Of course, we should mention that this is becoming my typical method of operation in all areas of my life now. I have yet to learn to pace myself.

Your list becomes your plan.

If you were very honest with yourself about how many quilting projects you had underway, would it fit on one hand, two, or could we be long, lost sisters? Do you get giddy over a new pattern, pick out the fabric and let it sit? Just do the tops? You have nothing over on the rest of us. Don't feel guilty. But, can we make a plan, and start crossing off the list together? If anything is meant for a holiday gift, we have just about 16 weeks left.

  1. Start by pulling out what needs finished. 
  2. Prioritize projects by whatever criteria you value. Oldest first, you like it the best, whatever works for you.
  3. Make a physical list. This is important! You will forget. You may make changes to it, but there is a degree of deep satisfaction for list makers to put a line through completed tasks. Try it.
  4. Sync it with your calendar. Allow enough time to make it work, but not to drag it out.
  5. Share with someone what you're doing, and try to get the Buddy System working for you both.
  6. Plan a celebration for when you've completed it. A trip to the quilt shop might do.
My next few weeks I'm hunkering down, and finishing up. It's not a pretty sight, but I'm happy to share my list with you.

Here are the projects I could put my hands on. 

  1. Nine or so quilt projects in some state of progress. 
  2. I elect to work on the ones which will be finished fastest, except for the baby quilts. Babies will need them.
  3. I should admit that up until this time, I have solely quilted by hand except for practice quilts. I am not a natural machine quilter, but realize I have to go this way to power through all the quilts I want to make. So, this is facing my fear of screwing it up beyond repair, but I will tackle it even if it isn't going to turn out perfect. Better done than perfect.
  4. I'm thinking Thanksgiving is a doable goal, but it may push into Christmas.
  5. Anyone out there willing to be my Buddy for my support?

It's raining and grey. Supper is planned. 
 Come on, Doxie girls.
Time to go sew.

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Iris said...

WHat a lovely blog. I am enjoying reading your posts. Funny to think we started blogging around the same time.