Monday, August 4, 2014

August 4, 2014 Birthing

Welcome to Pink Doxies!

Twenty-five years ago today our first son was born. Happy birthday to a fine young man. Our launch into parenting was swift. Four more babies rather quickly, and we're up to the present with all 5 being either young adults or teens.

Each baby brought many new experiences and gifts, and invariably a new quilt. Either one I had made, or some

one dear to us gifted for the birth. I would piece those quilts anticipating my ever expanding middle, and wonder what kind of person they might be. Each life wrote its own story, and the quilts I make them today are far more personal.

I remember most the refuge I had in sewing when there were so many little ones. It was usually during nap time when I would spread my work across the kitchen table, and yes, put in a video for the others. I often had help as my space was more interesting. A favorite game for them would be to sit them down at the table with a big chunk of polar fleece and  fill it with colored straight pins. They were really little when they did this! No one ever put pins in their mouths, and it seemed reasonable then. I was desperate for a little time to sew.

So many little people to care for turned into an exercise in daily patience. My escape was print and fabric. I craved color and pattern, and when I closed my eyes at night I relived them and dreamed in the colors.

I recently turned in my notification for homeschooling. Would you believe this is my 17th year? They were excellent years! No regrets. But recently I have been asking the question of, "What will I do with the rest of my life?" About a year ago I went to a gathering of parents and kids. One dear friend wore a hot pink Columbia jacket one evening, and it inspired me to start a quilt. Maybe not so much inspiration as compulsion. I had this Thing inside of me I had to get out. I gave birth again. To a new idea, a new vision, and it was so very satisfying. And so I did another, and another, and another. Perhaps the Universe answered the question I threw out to It.

And that is how Pink Doxies came to be born today.

And so if you choose, follow my Journey into the world of rebirth through quilting. My love of raucous color and pattern. New quilts that twist traditional designs to make us stand back and say, "Wow!" Old quilts that were made generations back.

Come on, Doxie girls. 

Let's go sew.



Unknown said...

Great first post!

Zenia Rene said...

Very nice to read more about you. I usually do this a lot sooner...but better late than never. Thanks for sharing Julie. =)