Monday, November 14, 2016

Tiki Beads Quilt


Even though my last post promised more details on the Super Scrap Project, I needed to clear my design wall before proceeding. This is a simple little project, and perfect to pack  for a weekend trip.

EQ7 and I are still working on our relationship. I have made a commitment to learn, but it is slow going past the basics. One morning some weeks back, I drew up a very basic sketch using a black and white graphic print represented by the fabric choices in the basic program. I used more solid colors to start filling in the background, but ran out of time. I printed the picture to show a friend, and the more I looked at it the more I liked the white spaces that had not been filled.

Such gorgeous colors and textures!

That afternoon we found ourselves in a different part of the state after attending a SAQA meeting. She asked if we could pop on over to the next town, Lancaster, Ohio, where Lunn Studios was located. I just happened to have my sketch with me, and it was an easy job to pick out fabrics in the specialty batik and hand dyed fabrics store.

Later that same week...

Washed, dried, and ironed fabric was quickly cut into the pieces I needed, and I started testing the pattern. At this point, I had some doubts about leaving so much white.

On the design wall, in its entirety, it was better.

I have never had an actual quilt come out so close to the rendering before despite not using any of the same fabrics. And because I needed the design wall empty to lay up twin quilts for a customer, this had to come down. It was as easy to sew it up at the moment as to store it, so I sewed.

Right into the longarm, and some quick ruler work with Aurifil's Monofilament Invisible Thread was next. I cannot tell you how much I love this thread, and the ease of use in both my HandiQuilter Avante and domestic Janome. It's unlike any other invisible thread I've ever used, and it's on sale now through Craftsy. This is an affiliate link, but I would tell you to try it whether it was or not. I think it is that good! 

My biggest suggestion when using Aurifil Invisible Thread is to loosen your upper thread tension on the longarm. I continue to use Bottom Line thread by Superior for my bobbin. It seems to run on my regular tension settings on my domestic Janome, though. With either machine, I like to do enough to stabilize the quilt, and then begin my hand stitching. Now I am set with a small, portable project to pull out when I need a quilting fix on my trip.

And I am off.
Come on, Doxie girls.
Let's go sew.


  1. I hear you on EQ7!! I'm still learning, but thankfully I'm still able to work with what I know! Love your Tiki quilt. The colors are a beautiful combination of color and print!!

  2. I too am still learning after having EQ7 for 2 years(my first ever EQ). I did take a class with Reese Hanson last month at AQS Des Moines show. I feel more confident with some things since. Your little quilt is adorable. I like the white spaces too:-)

  3. I know enough about EQ7 to be dangerous :) And I 100% agree that the Aurifil monofilament thread is different from other brands and I love it. The last brand I used reminded me of fishing line...which didn't make me happy. I love how the b&w batiks play with the brightly colored batiks and the whites.

  4. Thanks from Sweden and Bambi for your inspiration you give us and your linking to Show and Tell Monday

  5. I love this quilt. I've been wanting to work with this shape for a while.

  6. Oh so eclectic and colorful. I love the quilt, your design, and those fabrics. It screams happy energy.

  7. The actual quilt turned out better than the printout due to the bold graphic prints on the black, and of course the batik textures are gorgeous and add depth to any project. Are you going to add hand-quilting in the background areas?

  8. love it. great design and thanks for sharing.

  9. What an interesting quilt! As for EQ7, it's a time consumer. I've had it for a while and still find that I need to reorient myself--probably I don't play on it enough. I do like the designs that I've been able to create, though, so it's worth the time.

  10. Hi Julie Can you tell me what the block is called, I'd really love to have a go at something similar.

  11. Love the colors. A fun and quick project. Usually when I design something in EQ, it takes me weeks to years before I decide I like it enough to make it.


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