Monday, October 12, 2015

Mixed Bag Monday: Open for Business

1930's Farmer's Wife Week 2

Both new blocks were fun this week, and still not overly complicated. I was thankful for that as a few were sewn in the wee hours of the morning while I had insomnia. 

A good deal of what I'm learning from this sew-along is how to calculate measurements of components within a block. For example, if each whole block here was a finished 8" block, then the unfinished block would be 8 1/2". This is one of the first things we learn in quilt making. There is 1/4" of seam allowance available on each side of an unfinished block.

Each of the 4 smaller squares within would need to be 4 1/2" before they are sewn together to form the block. Are you following me? Looking at the QST (quarter square triangle) blocks, I could make those without a template or measurements by recalling how to make 2 squares into HST's (half square triangles), and then sewing those together, cutting them apart, and getting a QST. If I'm in doubt about measurements, there are many cheat sheets available online or on my free Quilter's Little Helper. So while I'm enjoying the fabric choices, etc., I'm also testing myself to see if I can figure it out without the instructions or patterns. I like that part.

Can you dissect this block to see it's made from 2 larger HST, 4 smaller, and 4 whole squares? If the book gives you measurements for one size block could you figure out how to make it bigger or smaller? Not all blocks will be so easy, but some are, and I see it getting easier to calculate.

Here is one that wasn't part of this week's blocks, but looked so intriguing. I worked hard, but it didn't come out quite like shown in the book. It's close, but I wound up with a block that was 1/2" too big overall. I had to rip it out, and instead of starting over, I trimmed down my center square by 1/2". My points aren't all perfect, but I was thrilled some were! This block is going into my quilt just the way it is. Better done than perfect.
Longarming Services

I'm officially open for longarming your quilts. I've taking many classes, practiced my heart out, and feel confident in my skills. I guess this is like hanging your shingle in front of your store front, or maybe lighting up the sign. Information, contact, pricing, etc., are all in the link in the top bar or available here: Pink Doxies Longarming Services  I'm here to talk about your quilting needs.

Many of you know I don't have a love affair with solids the way many quilters do, and picking a solid is actually hard for me. I have dearly wanted a Kona chart for ages, and finally had the chance to get one with all the new colors included.

I tried several times to get pictures good enough to capture the brilliance of this chart, but could not. It's amazing! This is going on my studio wall along with other art. It's that gorgeous! I wish I'd had it months ago, but will be making good use of it now. No more searching for just the right color on my computer or in a store only to find it wasn't quite what I needed. Now I'll know.

I hope you have good projects planned for this week. I'm back at my longarm and sewing machine, and trying to get my spiderweb done before Halloween. I can only hope!

Come on, Doxie girls.
Let's go sew.

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  1. Your blocks are so pretty! I truly wish I had time to do this quilt along too. But it will have to wait.

  2. I'm not a fan of solids either. I don't mind a few in a quilt but I couldn't do a whole quilt out of solids. I love your farmers wife blocks. I'm not doing this version. I have the earlier book ( 1920's) and have still to do that one. Good luck with your longarming business. I hope it does well for you xx

  3. Hi Julie....your blocks are so pretty...I have seen so many of the 1930's Farmers Wife blocks now and I have to say, even though I don't have time to join in, I am keeping these fun colours in mind for when I do get around to mine! That colour chart would be fabulous to have...can't tell you how many times I have bought fabric online, only to find a completely different shade when it arrives. Grrr! Thanks for linking in at Bits 'n Bobs and for including the link here.

  4. Everything looks great. And I can tell everyone that you do a wonderful job on long arm quilting!!!

  5. So glad you are having fun with your Farmers Wife blocks! I love seeing them and the 30's prints are perfect for the pattern! Congrats on opening up for business! That's a big step and super exciting!

  6. Yay for hangin' out your shingle girlfriend! :-) I mean that in a most professional way. It's a risk, a big step, but I know you've done your homework and your practising hours so you will be awesome. I need to do this...but I worry for loss of time with my own stuff...kind of like the blogging conundrum, huh? Interesting to read (and I followed you, love doing quilty math) about your FW blocks and how you fixed the last one. I can see that last one in one giant 42" (or more) quilt! Ahh, so many quilts, so little time...much like books...and wine... I've wanted one of the Kona charts forever, but still have not got one.

  7. congratulations on getting your long arm business going. I take in a few quilts for long arming but I really don't want a full blown business. A couple a month makes me happy! Good luck.

  8. Thanks Julie for linking and your inspiration you give us all on Show and Tell Monday !! Bambi Hug

  9. Your blocks are gorgeous. Great job!

  10. Ahhh - insomnia productivity, I have a love/hate relationship with you! The pink and yellow block is my favorite from this set. And, hey! Good luck with your quilting business. :D

  11. Congrats on officially hanging your shingle out for business! That, my friend, is extremely exciting. I might just have to dig through my pile of UFO's ;)

  12. Your Farmer's Wife blocks turned out beautifully. Congrats on opening your long arm business.

  13. Nice to see your fresh Farmer's Wife blocks - probably the reason that last one gave you trouble is that it's based on a 5 by 5 grid -- ugly grid to calculate size for!!!

  14. Such pretty blocks and good luck with the new business.


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