Thursday, August 20, 2015

How Real Are Online Relationships? Pink Doxies Meets Musings of a Menopausal Melon

"Pink Doxies" Meets "Musings of a Menopausal Melon"

What happens when two quilting bloggers strike up a long running conversation online, and it blossoms into a warm friendship? They decide they must meet in person, of course.

Have others ever told you your online cyber relationships weren't really true friends? Look at our smiles. We would like to help you shake that myth.

Sandra, dear husband, and dogs trekked to our home from theirs in Canada last week arriving late one afternoon. Shortly after arrival, we discovered her 2 and my 3 dogs did not get on at all, and there was some shuffling of animals in and out to keep everyone happy. We, on the other hand, were totally enchanted to be together!

While I wish I had lots of pictures to share, I will send you over to her first post about the trip. We spent ever second of our time together talking and sharing. She's vibrant and joyful, and exactly the same person as her online self. Only once did we realize we had missed taking photos, but just laughed saying this will not be our only visit!

Wasn't she sweet to bring me one of her gorgeous Pyramid Pouches and a coveted Angela Walter's cup? Her pattern is on the Moda Bake Shop, and you can download it for free. How special are the Art Gallery fabrics she chose for me, and Pink!

Early the following morning, I took Sandra and MacGyver off to my favorite local quilt store via 'the long way around'. We made several stops along the way to visit local sites, and Sandra literally squealed several times as we slowed on the country roads for the horse drawn traffic. Our food was local, and I couldn't have hand picked better weather, but I think the quilt store was her jaw-dropping favorite. Read her post about running into someone she knows from Florida! Miller's Dry Goods is in the background of our top picture, and I've posted more about it here. Sandra posted her new stash and other fun things here, and I will let you have a peek of mine.

It was sad when our time was over. I assure you that we are friends 'cut from the same fabric', as my daughter said. Peas in a pod. Online friendships are not pretend, and if you have that special stitchy friend out there, please try to find a way to meet up. Skype, Face Time, call, or connect in real life. It may amaze you both to find out how valid that friendship actually is.

Blessings to all of you and your online friends.
We are truly friends of the heart.

Come on, Doxie girls.
Let's go wash up that stash today.


  1. Sounds like a brilliant visit! I've not seen the Angela Walters cup before - nice presents and great to spend time in a quilt shop with quilty friends!

  2. How nice!! I can understand Sara squealing at the horses and buggies, it's pretty amazing, such a pretty area.

  3. How special to be able to meet up in person. On-line friends can be some of the best kind.

  4. How wonderful that you both got to finally meet! True friendship is hard to find. It sounds like fun was had by all! Online friendships certainly are real! With numerous ways of communicating and actually face to face via the computer...its real!

  5. I'm so glad you guys got to meet up and have such a great visit! You and Sandra are both hoots and I can only image the laughs you guys had. And what great additions to both of your stashes. I've never made it up to Amish country, but I would sure love to visit sometime.

  6. What fun! By chance, was this picture taken in Berlin, OH?

  7. It's great that you and Sandra got together. I've had the conversation with her about online friendships being real as well. We do manage to find things in common and to get a sense of each other through our communications. It's also fun to see what our quilting friends buy. I love those brights in the first photo and those neutrals in the third.

  8. How special and nice to read about your meet up as bloggers do make good friends and we never know when we will get the chance to see them in person. Did it feel unusual to meet Sandra or where you very relaxed being together?

  9. I love this post! Online friendships can be even deeper than ones with people next door. I'm so glad you got to meet. And what great fabrics!!!

  10. Sew very nice that you were able to meet and visit. I hope you were able to visit Somewhere Sewing in Millersburg...a few miles from Millers. An awesome store with the nicest owners you will ever meet. Enjoyed reading about your meeting.

  11. What a great story. I'm so glad to hear it! And glad y'all had fun.

  12. Tears in my eyes here...can one have nostalgia for something that happened just over one week ago? From that first hug in the square to the final parting, it was a couple of days I will cherish forever. And, sniff, it's just the start of several more get-togethers, I know it. Friends of the heart indeed, cut from the same fabric... :-) Love that.

  13. What a fun time! Your new stash finds are beautiful!


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