Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunday Stash-RJR Moonlit and AG Field Day

Moonlit by RJR Fabrics

With respect to our snowbanks and winter weather,
would you just take a moment to dream 
about the warm breezes of spring with me?
The butterflies will be back, and
the flowers will bloom again.

What a magnificent print when you see 
it as a large piece of fabric!

It's very hard for me to flip through websites, and be able to judge fabric by looking at a tiny thumbnail picture. I've been sorely disappointed more than a few times when I spent my 
moolah on something that just kind of laid there.
I want my fabric to have a Wow factor.

This collection surpassed my expectations.

 Just the tiniest bit of a selvage nut, I could see
buying this next piece for just that.

Can you see the beautiful patterning of the butterflies?
I think it would make a gorgeous quilt backing
with an "S" pattern quilted using a walking foot.

Allow me to indulge you once again.
Andover Fabric, Field Day by Allison Glass

This shot is overexposed, but I wanted to 
show you the detail in the daisies. 
 They seem to glow.

Allison Glass has a great Pinterest page, and also a blog.
If you're looking for some great ideas to see fabric already
used in different projects, take the time to look through social
media, blogs, etc., that the designer has already done. 
It may kickstart your own creativity, and get you 
motivated to start cutting.

The Pet Project Show is still in progress until 
Monday night.
Link up your current pet projects, and visit
the other linkees. The first Saturday of every month
will feature the "Best of Show" projects.

I'm travelling this week, and 
maybe I'll find some fun things
to show you from somewhere warm.

I kissed the Doxies good-bye,
but I'll still be sewing.
How about you?

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  1. Ooooh I'm so glad I found your blog...your choice of fabrics is inspiring!! LOVE THEM!!! (They look real soft too!) Enjoy your travels.

  2. Love the Allison Glass fabrics. Thanks for sharing them - I will keep my eyes open for them!!! Safe travels!

  3. Moonlit is fabulous. Thanks for showing it. Now to hunt for some!

  4. Some fabulous fabric finds here! Enjoy being warm, even though it is hard to be away from our fur kids. Voice of experience.

  5. I used the blue butterfly fabric for the flap lining of a purse--it makes me happy every time I open it!.

  6. Don't need to dream about this li'l corner of the world everything is blooming rather wonderfully, thank you very much. Oops..sorry to rub it in but soon it will be your turn and Spring will springing a floralicious treat and I will be shivering in the depths of freezing Winter! Some gorgeous fabrics there. I really love the Allison Glass fabrics; they pack a powerful Spring-like punch!


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