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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Kennel Comforter Tutorial for Dogs & Cats

The Princess & the Pea

The past many days were packed to the top. By Sunday I felt I just needed to regroup with one quiet day. I went to the studio to get ready for sewing group here on Tuesday, and my hands were once again moving batting scraps. I really hate moving and re-moving unneeded items. We had a cold snap the night before, and a newly adopted barn kitten without a cozy bed to stay warm in her crate. A quick turn of the sewing machine made a pillow cover, and the batting bits turned it into a toasty nest.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Fall Quilts, Wool, and Wool Dyeing In the Microwave


Summer has unofficially become fall here, though the calendar says it's still over a week away. It's 54 F this morning, and I'll have a cool studio today. I confess that sweltering heat does not bring out my creativity, and also that I've taken a little hiatus while coming to terms with my art and craft. Both points have made it more difficult to return to the studio daily, though I'm in and out. It's not an excuse, and there's no reason for me to apologize. It just is. You know, I'm finding that makes more sense to me recently. 

Monday, April 11, 2016

My Secret Life As a Stripper

A Day of True Confessions

Nearly 30 years ago, I started stripping. I was looking for a way to get some new things, but I didn't have a lot of money. I tried not to be embarrassed, and shared my secret with only my closest friends. Surprisingly, I found a few who had also turned to stripping for the cache.

It's not for the meek or fainthearted, and takes a fair amount of brains and strength. Once you've gotten started the time passes fairly quickly, and it's like money in your pocket. I find if I just turn the music on really loud and use a good spotlight, it eases my fear of making a mistake. 

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Sewing a Zipper Bag from Socks

Upcycled Footie Socks to Zipper Bag

It goes without saying that we are examples to family and friends when they see us making. Never underestimate the impact you have inspiring someone else, and I will add, even if they never show the smallest interest. 

A Short Story to This Interesting Project

My youngest daughter, the llama keeper, mentioned something off handed to me one morning about making a zipper bag from old socks. I snickered, and said I didn't think that was possible. I likely replied, " won't work." And she tossed back, "Well, I did it." Now she had my full attention.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Improv Work On the Design Wall

Not So Serious Sewing

Sunday was peaceful, and I'd finished up several projects the week before. I was after something relaxing, low-key, and just fun. I pulled out this WIP that I started early last spring while attending an Amy Butler & Hilde Dunn retreat. It was an exercise in improvisational piecing, and on my list of 2015 Q3 Finishes on the Windy Side. The initial slab was built by a partner blindly picking out pieces of fabric from a pile, and handing them to me. I had little control over the color scheme to start.

The center was done yet needed a frame, and I pulled this muddy pink out of my solids stash. It's an odd color, but it played well with the mishmash in the middle. Then I pulled strips from my scrap bins to make into the next pieced border. I pieced my scraps without squaring up, and it got interesting and more exciting. 

TIPS & TRICKS-Mitered Corners

I mitred my corners by creating 4 strip-pieced squares for each corner. The borders were 5 1/2" so I made each square 6". I went 1/2" larger than needed, and cut two diagonally with my stripes vertical, and two with my strips horizontal to create 8 HST's. I sewed these into 4 squares, and THEN I sewed these with to my top and bottom borders. Now I was dealing with 4 typical borders that looked like I spent a ridiculous amount of time making them. Easy peasy!

The narrow dark blue border anchored the multicolored piecing, and I looked around for some serious bling fabric to set it all off.

It's shiny, stripey, and I have lots of yardage. It sets off the center like neon lights, and fits the improv them to a T. Although I don't know the content, it presses well, is a higher grade than acetate, and you'll never believe where I found it!

Would you believe this was an old dress in that wonderful vintage stash I showed you? I asked several people when they would estimate the pattern of the dress, and they guessed late 50's-60's. Tightly fitted bodice and 3/4 sleeves, and close to 5.5 yards of fabric in the fully gathered skirt. The integrity of the fabric is solid with no funky smell--things you need to check for using vintage material, so it's going in today. 

I can't help but feel connected to the quilter/sewist that saved this garment for decades knowing it might have another life. I challenge you to add something repurposed, upcycled, reused, or vintage to a project. Hunt your Goodwill, resale stores, and garage sales for treasures. You may be deeply rewarded by the feeling of creating a unique piece while preserving a saver's vision. 

Also, I must admit there is something deeply satisfying to really understanding how the first quilters used the resources they had, and weren't able to run off to their LQS for the 'perfect' fabric. I can't wait to see how this turns out today, but what are your thoughts of working like this?

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Monday, November 17, 2014

Favorite Quilt Scraps Powder Puffs

You may not want to hear this, but it's officially 6 weeks before Christmas, and a week and half before Thanksgiving. The calendar turns whether we're in denial or not. Do you have a list of people expecting a gift from you? Are you interested in some quick projects that are fun to do, and will be one-of-a-kind because you make them? I'll share a few of my secrets with you this week. Let's make this Christmas a low-cost, low-volume holiday, and focus on homemade, which allows us to re-purpose or Upcycle.