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Monday, February 6, 2017

Cone Thread Hack & Reality Check On WIP's

Simplest Hack Ever

I sew everywhere. I have little stations for different projects, and sometimes I need quick, mobile fixes. This one popped up when I needed a large cone holder, and had none. I was trying out a new thread, Prescencia, 60/3, for piecing. I'd been reading that a thinner 3-ply thread was stronger and more accurate for piecing than a 50/2 ply thread (my Aurifil). Going from the large spool to a cone meant the thread should be coming off vertically instead of horizontally. 

Friday, May 6, 2016

How Instagram Saved My Design

The Process Is the Prize

You may not believe the above statement, but I do. I find more joy in working out problems than finishing the project. That doesn't--or shouldn't occur if using a published pattern, so I choose to go the organic route, and create my own. 

This started as an experiment in improv block making, and merged with another design I'd made a few months back. It's dominated my design wall for weeks, and I pushed myself this week to finish all the improv blocks. When it came to the setting triangles at the sides, I decided more improv blocks would muddy it up. It was back to the stash to find a fabric that would work, and once again the Moda Grunge won with it's unique texture. There was just one problem.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Wednesday Works in Progress

All the blocks from my Modern Traditions 
Charm Square Quilt Along are in place on my
design wall now. The current discussion here is 
what fabric to use for sashing, and which other
for the border. The prints are from the Amy Butler
line Hapi, and it's been interesting to see
pictures of the whole chunk of fabric versus
my little bits in the charm squares.
Any suggestions?

Next up is my picture I used for my landscape class
last weekend. It was taken in south eastern Sweden
on a trip 2 years ago. I chose it for the contrast
between the grey skies and the chartruese
rapeseed fields. Pressed rapeseed gives us 
canola oil. The blooms were neon in the 
overcast days, and almost iconic of our trip.

This is as far as I came with my prototype, but
I approached this purely as a learning project.
Some of the other projects done that day would
impress you while mine might be a concept only.

Carolyn Mann was an enthusiastic teacher, 
and her work was inspiring, but I found my 
heart is not in making landscapes. That's okay.
It was still a great class, and I learned
both technique, and things about myself 
while working among friends.

We don't have to love everything we do, but 
it's important we stretch ourselves often, 
and try new things. You want to pursue things 
that give you an emotional response. 
You want to be excited!


And now I need some advice from you. I'm 
struggling to get my quilt sandwiches together 
smoothly, and STAY TOGETHER! I'm experiencing
shifting and movement even before I start 
FMQ so imagine the complications when I'm 
sitting at my machine. I'm feeling less and less
in love with my 505 unless it's a small project.
I've found myself needing to pin to keep
alignment, and then angry that I have to both
spray AND pin! Are you feeling my dark cloud?
What do you do that WORKS?

I need to take the Aquiltic sandwich apart 
entirely now, and start over from scratch.
I'm not happy.

Jelly Beans and Chocolate is supposed to be
done before Easter, but it would be a tight finish.
The top was done back at the end of January!
Where did time go?

For those of you locals--sewing tonight at 
Joann's in New Philadelphia, Ohio. 
We'd love to see some new faces!

So thankful for the link up opportunity!

Come on, Doxie Girls.
Let's go sew.