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Thursday, June 11, 2015

When to Ask for Help

Still hot off the ironing board!

I believe I write as often about struggling with projects as giving Pink Doxie readers help. Quilter bloggers don't wake up one day full of knowledge, and able to share expert tips and tutorials. We spend hours sewing, and figuring things out. I think I'm the Queen of Mistakes, but it's actually a quick way to learn if you aren't afraid. Sewing technique is more basic for me, while playing with design gets me really excited, and occassionally in over my head. I'm not shy to ask for help, and fellow bloggers are usually happy to help out. Thank you.

This was the real thing last night. No glamour shots here! This is how it looks when I'm trying to figure out if the whole idea is coming together or falling apart. I was more in the 'It's not working' camp earlier when I looked over just the blocks. Arranging them on the wall in as close to position as I could, it looked a little better. The additional fabrics are picks for the next blocks I'll make. I have the pattern turned below to reflect the design wall.

Solids aren't my first choice when I can use a print, and I thought this quilt would be fun to make in prints. I chose to use colors as close as possible to Moda's suggestion, but in a print that was mainly that one color. So a print that comes off as more a solid. I also decided it would be a stash only quilt, and I might have to modify my rules to make it work. That was the case in the large block where I used my Cotton+Steel kitties, and I'm running into more as I pull fabric for the next blocks. 

My biggest concern was whether the colors were all working together, but that may be more an issue with the mulit-colored pattern itself. You can see the how difficult it is to eye the chosen fabrics, and decide if they work. Today I made the top block, and the next two below. 

I'm more secure that it will work as I move on using additional colors. I've started with large blocks, and moved to medium next. The medium blocks are providing color across the spectrum to balance the large blocks with the slightly odd, unrelated colors. I'll plug away at this today, and hope to have it done by the end of the weekend to show you. Next week is going to be a doosey for new projects! (I have a BIG secret!)

The colors are given in Bella Solids, and I looked for a correspondence chart between Moda and Kona. I ran into Walnut Street Quilts blog, and a treasure trove of information about pressing, some errata to the cutting dimensions, and Moda to Kona colors! If you're making this pattern, she's your go-to resource. I'm so thankful to Patty for sharing so much solid information.

 Another thing that should be mentioned is there are no written directions in the pattern. There are diagrams for cutting and sewing order. You need to have some idea of how to do HST, Flying Geese, trimming up, and so on. A big help would have been the measurement of each finished section so it could be trimmed before sewing it to the next, but there is none. 

Heads Up: Mary at Strip Quilts has a sweet Giveaway for a table runner kit that runs until June 15th. This blog is a good visual resource for ideas using pre-cuts. It's easy to join, so check it out.