Thursday, December 14, 2023

Glitter Progress Week 3

Glitter Progress Week 3: 83 Blocks and Counting

I had so much help taking a photo today, but the light was great! How's that for a week's work? I went from 56 to 83, and that's averaging slightly higher than my 25 block a week goal! Honestly it was a lot of sewing, and I'm not sure I'll hit that every week, but I'm about halfway now. 

Sweet Ivy

The puppies have grown so much, and it's getting easier overall. Potty training is going well, but Chins aren't known for being easily trained at anything. We have 5 dogs now, and that keeps both of us on our toes. 

Last week we watched grand-dogs on top of our own, and it was...uh, crazy: 5 Chins, 2 Doxies, and an Aussie. I counted to 8 every time they went out, came in, etc. It was easy to miss one! They were pretty well behaved except for one that really liked to stir the pot. You know how that is.

And now without dogs. I prefer the look of alternating light and dark backgrounds. You can see the difference it makes until about half way through the 4th horizontal row. Then I laid out the rest of the blocks I'd made all with light backgrounds. Not quite the same impact so I'll start balancing my backgrounds more. 

It's usually around this time with a quilt that I ask myself if it's worth the effort. My answer this time is, yes, I do like this quilt. Being able to make very different combinations I wouldn't try in another quilt is liberating! I have used some novel fabrics I've never used before, and plenty of recycled shirt fabric I've had waiting for such a quilt as this. It will surely be unique in that way, and those are my favorite kinds of quilts over any.

Next week I should be somewhere around 108 blocks. If I can keep up the pace I should be close to done by the second week of January, and then an easy edge-to-edge will finish it out. It will be none too soon as I have another project on simmer, and I'm hoping to bring it to you by the end of January. Something new, exciting, and free to you. 

Come on, Doxie girls.
Let's go sew.

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  1. Well, that is pretty inspirational. The dogs are a bit scary. They do not like me for some reason. Love all the variety in the blocks. Keep it going!


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