Monday, March 23, 2020

Spin Drift: 13 From Quilts to Socks

Scattered, Yet Focused

Everyone is saying the same thing. "Focusing is hard right now, and I rip more than I sew." We sit down to do something, and our mind wanders. Is our family okay today? Should we check in with a friend we haven't heard from in a few days? Our phone pings. A text, an alert, a message about someone we know who might be sick. We want to keep on top of what is happening in the news with the spread of Covid-19, but we also need to stay occupied. Some of us have hopped on board with free quilt-alongs, but it's not for everyone. It's terribly hard to follow through, and even with a plan we feel lost in our typically sacred work spaces.

We have new routines. Food has become a source of comfort as well as nourishment. If you're like me, you're cooking more. The t.v. is another hub in the house, and we're watching news and press releases every day. You're cleaning remotes, door knobs, bathrooms, and even the dogs have had a much needed bath. Some of us are caring for sick loved ones. This is a new way of life overnight, and getting good sleep isn't any easier. Keeping it in perspective, it isn't going to last forever. Chin up, and have faith.

Spin Drift is off the frame at last!

My family is doing its best to maintain social distance even within the family home. Most of the family is still working outside the home at essential businesses. Yes, it's scary, but we have to carry on. Like them, I am working as much to stay busy as to keep up with all the quilts that were finished before the virus. Who knows how many WIP/UFOs and new quilts will be made over the next few weeks and months! Here are few from just one quilter friend.

I've fallen in love with Magnifico thread by Superior Threads! Just a little bit of shine adds a sparkle to the 40# thread. I adore it on bold colors!

Look at the range of colors! Gorgeous!

This E2E pattern by Wasatch Quilting is beautiful on this snail's trail done in batiks. I used a 60# Omni variegated thread.

Pellon's 80/20 is my batting of choice when I want a little more weight and pop. It didn't fail here.

Using a jelly roll from my stash, and modifying a block from The Big Book of Strip Quilts, I started a baby quilt my daughter requested months ago.

I think the tangerine gives it a little zing here.

All laid out, and ready to sew. 
This will make 2 baby quilts with border fabric shown at the bottom.

Here's the last quilt top belonging to the same friend as those above, and ready to load. There was a lot of debate about the actual motif, and how it would work on this quilt. Also, this friend requested red thread so the pattern would definitely be visible.

Many texts later, we agreed to this. I'm super excited to try it out, and think it will add a lot of texture to the quilt. That's my plan for today.

And just to make you chuckle, I know I am not the only one cleaning things out around the house. I found these favorite wool socks I'd saved in the bottom of my lost socks basket, and realized they had holes I didn't know how to fix.  I found some wool needle point yarn, and did a passable job at darning the open hole in the heel. 

And because it was actually so rewarding, and a relief I could do something positive at a moment of understand the fragility of what was happening, I darned the rest of the thin spots. FYI, I used a jelly jar whereas my dad uses a light bulb to do his. ;-) Then I put them on, and appreciated warm feet. A small pleasure in uncertain times.

Stay home. Stop the spread. 
Be ready for when you are needed.
My love to each and every one of you.
Come on, Doxie girls.
Let's go sew.


KaHolly said...

You are like a breath of fresh air! Although I love everything you’ve been working on, I’m particularly smitten with that baby quilt. I was just looking at a similar quilt on Pinterest yesterday, and my mind kept going back to it. Stay well!

Barb N said...

I've used that same fabric for a baby quilt! So sweet. And glad to hear those socks lived to see another day. Carry on!
P.S. I like Magnifico, too!

O'Quilts said...

Great encouraging post....we keep on keeping on...sewing away..xoxo

Angie in SoCal said...

An inspiring post, Julie. I like everything I saw and am amazed that Spin Drift is on the LA. That was fast! Thank you so much for this pep talk.

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

Loving how your baby quilt is coming along, those pops of peach are delightful!
As of 25 March at 11.59pm life changed for us here in NZ too. Schools and universities shut down, shops, restaurants also closed, the list is a long one! The essentials to remain open will be pharmacies, medical surgeries and supermarkets, everything else will be closed.
We are all to remain home, we can not mix with others, not even family, we can only have
close contact with people living in the house, only those "in our own bubble" as PM Jacinda calls it.
Stay safe & well.