Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Many Quiltworks In Progress

Moda's Moxi by Studio M

A few months ago I picked up a mini charm pack of these pretty-little-things at my LQS. I wanted to see if a smaller pre-cut would be more accurately cut than the charms, jelly rolls or layer cakes, and now I can tell you, "Yes!" This Moxi line was used straight out of the package, and I laid out something I thought would make sweet quilt center. A few seams needed tweaking just a bit, but overall they were quite accurate. I paid $4 for this package of 42 pieces. So, figure roughly 10 cents for a 2.5" square.

I figured my side and corner triangles in a snap with the Robert Kauffman Quilting Calculator. It's a free app available at the link for your computer or in your App store for your smart phone. This is a good, FREE tool!

I played with my wedge rulers for a few hours in the afternoon using a compatible palette. I doubt this is what will actually happen with this piece, but it was fun. Look how narrow those wedges are! I used my 15 degree wedge ruler in this piece. 

My scrappy improv piece grew a tiny bit over the weekend. I had been playing with another wedge ruler, the 30 degree, and making these spider webs. I had envisioned smaller spider webs at the corners of this quilt, but I didn't feel like it worked. I dug through a scrap box of mixed strips given to me by a friend for inspiration.

Okay, I'm a true Scrapaholic at heart!

These were the strips I pulled out. They echoed the same colors, but were still limited to what I had on hand and already cut. I built concentric squares into corner units. The one unifying element is using the same center fabric in each one. I didn't pay a lot of attention to anything else other than contrasting between the building colors, and making them all a uniform size by squaring up at the end. I'm so glad I waited to cut my border fabric because my corner pieces will determine what that final measurement will be now.

Hand Quilted with Love : Patchwork Projects Inspired by a Passion for Quilting

These two classics are on my bed side table now. I think this makes me an official fan of Sarah Fielke and Kathy Doughty. Hand Quilted with Love and Material Obsession II are available on Amazon through the links. Just before I closed my eyes last night, I started reading about a starry-printed rocket quilt. Gorgeous! There are some beautiful quilts in both these, but I love to read the background on technique, fabric choices, and their own ideas on how to change them around the next time. Lots and lots of good reading to come!

Material Obsession: Modern Quilts with Traditional Roots (Stc Craft)

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  1. Hmm, now that I am the new librarian for the Guild, I might have to pick up one or both of these books for new stuff in the library. We don't have a lot in the modern quilting line I'm thinking... Might be shaking things up a bit! Love seeing all that you do with the wedge're making me feel the need to pull mine out and get back to them.

  2. Your wedges are really narrow! Even if you don't use them it's interesting to see the options you consider along the way. I like the corners for the improv piece. I think you have changed the top right hand one? I think what you have now works better.

  3. Your projects are lovely. I especially like your granny square quilt center. I always hate buying mini-charms because they are so expensive, but sometimes it's worth it to get such a nice variety of prints that work together.

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Robert Kaufman Quilting Calculator. I use it all the time.

  5. I use the RK Quilting Calculator app mostly during bee. Someone will ask how much fabric they need for a border or binding, and that thing does it faster than just a calculator since it takes into account the width of border or binding as well as the width of fabric from the bolt. Great tool. Glad to hear that the mini-charms are turning out the correct size. I am making a table runner with a couple of packs but I haven't sewn the blocks together yet. Nice to know that they'll be easy to use! The Moxi fabric line pops with that pink! Great choice!

  6. Wow how cheap were the mini packs, really nice block and very pink hahahahaah

  7. Thanks for the tip on the Robert Kaufman quilting calculator. You look like you've been having a lot of fun playing with fabrics and improv.Those are very nice colours in the scrappy improv piece.

  8. Fun mini made with minis! Love the bright colors in it. Looks like you are having lots of fun.

  9. Julie, I like the way you made a medallion out of your scraps. It sets them off perfectly. I tried circles as cornerstones once, too, and it didn't work either. Wonder what the trick is? Both the spiderwebs and squared cornerstones look fun. Thanks for posting on AHIQ.

  10. Ohhhh what fun, color, design, experimenting, yes I think I will stay a while and enjoy myself, thank you.

  11. Great looking quilt! Enjoy your books. ;)

  12. Love what you've been doing with the Improv quilt Julie! Those scrappy medallions are wonderful! I like the square cornerstones you have laid out with the quilt the most though.
    Mini Charm packs are always so tempting.

  13. I love those Material Obsession books too. So much eye candy! Scrappy is good. Your quilt is looking wonderful!

  14. Super quilt, love the off centre look in the body of the quilt.

  15. Love your improv piece - the way the orange striped border echoes the piano keys is fab! Oh, and orange just happens to be be my favourite colour!


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