Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Cell Phone and Camera Sling Bag

Necessity is the Mother of Invention.

I'm so excited to show you my new Make! 

I will tell you that I have lost my beloved cell
phone very few times. Once I came home 
from the barn without it, and on back-tracking 
found it laying in the middle of the road 
across town. It survived. The second was 
bounce out of my pocket while mowing. My
daughter had the experience of bush hogging 
her own phone into tiny pieces years ago, so
I knew I needed a solution.

I have been working on my Anna Marie Horner
Swap this past week, and the mini-quilt is
nearly done. I don't want to show you the 
whole thing as to not ruin the surprise for
my partner out there, but here's a sneak peek.

I needed some hand sewing to do one day while
all the dogs were here for a play date. My studio
is not yet dog-proofed for 6 energetic dogs!

This is an original design, and I was excited to
try out some applique and embroidery with 
this new project. I love the Folk Song line, and it 
seemed to speak to the 70's child in me. When I 
saw the leftovers, I knew what I wanted to do.

I pieced improvisationally until I came up
with a slab of both the tumblers, and the 
strips. The darker chunk of fabric in the
back is also AMH, but from an earlier line.
I liked the little bit of contrast it provided, 
and it's the backing used in my swap.

The strips made up the back.

The tumblers made up the front, and 
the Innocent Crush became the lining.
I added large 3M One velcro strips for
security, but none of the problems you
have with typical hook and loop tape.
I love this stuff!

I used FMQ in a swirly, floral pattern, and 
my favorite pink Aurifil thread to give
it a touch of pizazz.

I put a strip of scrap binding over the inside lip,
then bound it as I would a regular quilt.

Now for the strap. I can't stand anything digging
into my shoulder, so no wimpy strap for me. 
used leftover batting and fabric with the selvage,
and made a wonderfully padded strap to cross
over my body. There are 3 layers of batting 
inside, and one seam sewn down the middle 
to hold it all together. 

I've been wearing it since I made it, and it's passed
the test. I love it. I can stick my iPhone with its 
Mophie battery pack, and my little Canon Power
Shot inside, and have room left over for
money or emergency items. 

I can actually say it was a total scrap project
because I used all the leftovers from my 
swap project. Woohoo! I'm over the
moon with my little Make, and thankful to 
keep my valuables safe now.

Working away at my QST quilt, and hope to
show you the flimsy finish this weekend.
I'm close.

Come on, Doxie Girls.
We've got sewing at Joann's tonight.
Daylight's burning!


Anonymous said...

I love how you used the selvage in the design!

Linda Swanekamp said...

Functional, fun, fabric, and fantastic job! What is not to love about it? Thanks for sharing.

eva said...

Love your design and the fabrics you chose - it´s a happy bag in all ways! :-)

Lara B. said...

Julie that is a really cool phone bag. I love the selvage on the strap and the overall scrappiness is so appealing! Very nuce quilting job too! I have never heard of that 3M velcro and will have to go look it up.

Bower Bird Patch said...

Its great Julie! Very practical and pretty. And of course, I lurve those AMH fabrics! Jen

Ruth said...

Great fun! and really useful too - love the sneak peek of your mini!

Yvonne from Quilting Jetgirl said...

Great solutions, and yay for using up scraps for something so immediately useful!

Quilts and Such said...

This is great! Looks like I could even fit my keys in with the cell phone! Fabric is awesome!

eva said...

love it!!
great idea!!

Heidi said...

Very cheery, and I like the selvedge idea :-)

Cathy said...

Creative, useful and fun...and, yes, I almost thought I was back in the 70s!

M-R Charbonneau said...

Very cool! Great idea!

Anonymous said...

A wonderful creative solution to a practical problem. I like how you have incorporated the selvage into the strap.

Muv said...

Hello Julie,

Love the colours! They are so quick and easy to make and a great way of using up the little scraps.

Thank you for linking up with Free Motion Mavericks!

Love, Muv