Friday, April 17, 2015

Modern Spring Patchwork Pillow & Pet Project Show #16

Today was the perfect opportunity to make a
quickie project I've been longing for. I
wanted to try out my new Ditch Stitch
foot that Beth at Cooking Up Quilts had
recommended for the Janome machines.
I'd had it a week already, and never
even opened it up.

I started with a very simple layout of 2.5" squares.
I scoured my scraps, and also the fabric lying around
I'm using for my QST quilt. The green is a Schott
cotton that I can't keep enough of. I thought the 
colors reminded me so much of spring, but 
actually these wouldn't be what I would 
typically call spring colors. Then I looked back 
at the photos I'd been taking over the past few
days while out walking the Doxies.

Early rhubarb

This variety of daffodil almost glows.

This plain, little daffodil is my favorite 
out of all of them.

Many years ago when I was first married, I drove
far out in the country to our farm, and dug these
up beside an old foundation in a pasture. It
was a stagecoach stop at one time. The flower
may be plain compared to today's varieties,
but I think of all the people who gazed on
the flower from that bulb from the 1800's on.
I just love that!

The Ditch Stitch foot fit on my regular shank, and 
was easy to use. I wasn't sure if it would work 
equally well if the seams were pressed to one side 
or open, so I took the extra time to press them
open. I wasn't too careful while stitching, and it 
seemed to be far easier to stay in the ditch
than while just using a walking foot. 

It's always interesting to see what the tension on
the back looks like for me. I probably should have
adjusted it a little, but this was going to be
inside the pillow so no harm done.

The quilted top by itself turned out looking just a 
bit plain. I thought maybe a ruffled edging, but it
was too fru-fru. I liked the idea of a cross between
a ruffle and piping, and worked this out. I starched
my strip well before sewing, and left the cording
inside to give it body and weight.

 I think it feels modern, yet feminine. I finished it
off with a full width zipper, and a flap to hide it.

That's a true Friday finish, and now the
green grass is calling me to give it
the first cutting.

 Pan is watching over my garden,
and begging me to come weed it out.

Just as soon as I brew up some peppermint
tea, my friend. What a springtime treat!

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Rebecca Grace said...

Both of your pillows are adorable! Thanks for sharing the lovely daffodil photos, too -- I used to see a lot more daffodils, crocuses and tulips in the Spring when I lived up North. I agree that the heirloom variety is very special! As for the stitch-in-the-ditch foot, I have a similar foot for my Bernina and I think it works even better when the seams are pressed to one side because the blade in the center of the foot rides along right next to the seam hump and automatically shifts when you cross a seam and the seam allowance is on the other side. It's hard to explain, but give it a try with seams pressed to one side next time. I think you'll like how it works for you. Congratulations on your pillow finish and happy Spring!

Jen said...

Cute pillow! Love the daffodil story, mine are blooming right now too!

VeggieMummy said...

Gorgeous cushions and some beautiful Spring photos - that daffodil is stunning. I always have tension issues when quilting too but your new foot looks great. Have a lovely weekend.

Free Spirit Designs said...

Such a pretty cushion! I love pink and green together at any time of year. How special to have such an old variety of daffodil, i can totally understand why its your favourite :) x

Julie said...

Good morning, and thank you. I hadn't checked out how others were using the foot before I tried it. I was afraid with a side-pressed seam that it might come close, but not quite get it. I really should have done a test patch, but I was hurrying. It worked well with the seams pressed open, but that's a little bit of a pain for me with scant 1/4" seams, and I can't imagine doing it with an entire quilt.

So know we have two examples of how to use it, and what works. I will be jumping over to the side-pressed team from now on as that's my usual method anyhow.

Happy Spring to you, Rebecca, and take my comments on your blog with cheer. It was before I'd had my coffee. You're an amazing blogger!


Coco Jayne said...

I love the colours in your cushion - interesting to see how they do fit into the spring colour scheme after all with your fine selection of photos! I really like your story about the old style daffodil - its different and has character, I like that x

Sarah Craig said...

I like the cording you put on your pillow - I never thought of gathering it on the cording! That's something I'm going to have to try! Whoop whoop for a great finish!!

Lara B. said...

That ruffle piping on your wonderful pillow is awesome Julie! It looks like the SITD foot worked really well too. I think I might even have a foot like that , but never used it.
All the springtime photos you took are so lovely. My favorite are the hellebores - I love how delicate they are and how you need to be observant to notice them. I too think about old flowers that way - especially ones that have survived on their own in old gardens. I grew up in an old farmhouse and we were blessed that someone generations before had been an enthusiastic gardener.

Turid said...

What a lovely green and orange pillow, really springy.

Jan said...

The colours of your spring cover are lovely, the green of the new rhubarb is so beautiful. Spring colours are always so fresh and clean looking :)

Unknown said...
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