Monday, April 6, 2015

Fresh Arrangements

Effy came out to help me show off the new
bag I made today. I used some heavy gingham
someone had given me, and some uber retro, 
poly-vinyl with giant strawberries I found at
a local discount fabric store. It's a little
over-the-top, but I had to buy a yard of it
at $3 a yard. I'd never sewn with vinyl before 
so it was purely experimental. It was 
easier than I anticipated. No problems.

Simple construction. Make the inside envelope of 
fabric. Tuck the corners so it will 'stand' with
a flat bottom. The same process with the vinyl.
I ran a band of strap reinforcing around the top,
then turned it under and sewed the two bags
together. The handles are reinforced the
same way, and sewn to the band to provide
strength to the whole bag.

The large check gingham peeks through
just enough to make me think of a picinc.
I imagine over time the vinyl with harden
a little, but it will get some solid use this
season. Doesn't it look like a summer bag?
The best part is I can put it down anywhere,
and not be afraid of getting something on it.
Just wipe it off!

I took time over the Easter weekend to 
tear apart my sewing studio, and do some 
deep cleaning. I thought about how
my needs and movement in the space 
had changed since I first took it over.

I needed to make some small changes.

 These are flannel covered artists' canvases.
Blocks hold on to them easily, and I also stick 
pins through them to hang up papers and such.

I hung them up on the wall to get them off the 
back of my cutting table. They're still portable. 
I can take them down and move the blocks over to 
the large design wall keeping everything in order. 
Those extra few inches gain me space, and 
keep the boards from falling over into 
my work space now.

I relocated my sewing machines into a straight
line. Now I can use the table to the left to
help support large projects I'm working on.
I will cover that portion of the table in a 
slippery plastic as the rough surface makes
manipulating my quilts more difficult.
I'm directly under the light in the fan, and 
have an additional lamp. I need that extra
light when doing detail sewing.

One spare table is kept relatively free
in case someone comes in to sew with me.

I'm also facing the t.v. so if I choose to watch
or listen, it's easier. I've made an aisle
behind my machines to walk through, and I
think it all flows much better. My cart can
be moved around to wherever it's needed.

I've gotten bins off my cutting tables to gain
more space, too. I don't need everything up 
there at once, and it keeps things freer of lint
and dust build-up. Just store them on the shelves.

One last walk outside before the rain starts.
The Maple buds will burst open any day now.

Already there is color to go with our
April showers.

Until next time friends~

Come on, Doxie Girls.
Let's go sew.


Maryse said...

It's always interesting to see others sewing place, yours looks so cozy and practical ... I rearranged mine three times this past winter, but I think I got it now ... I love spring!

Teje Karjalainen said...

Hi Julie! Looks perfect! Everything well on their place and great space to work. x Teje

Sandra Walker said...

Love your bright and happy sewing space (especially those doxie-fabric covered canvases), and the bright bag (great idea for using vinyl! will have to make one to take with me down our beach on Lake Erie) but I just LOVE your nature pics...I want to come home. Um, right now. I saw that it is going to be 71 on Thursday up there! (but I'll stay here 2 more weeks for Angela Walters, I

sandi s said...

I love your bag you made. It looks fun to carry around and love your little sweetie. You have a great sewing room, so much space. Hugs,

Kim said...

Oh my goodness.....your sewing place is bigger than my house!! It is an amazing set up!! I should think you would never have to leave. Love your strawberry bag; such cool fabric!! Spring is finally beginning to spring over there...yay!!

Catarina C said...

It must be wonderful to have such a big sewingroom. Your bag is very cute an so the dog. It is good to have a bag in vinyl sometimes. Lovely flowers in your garden.
Hugs Catarina

gibbygoo56 said...

I love seeing your baby, Effy. We have two Doxies. We have a long hair boy named Bowie and a short hair girl named Zooey. Both are dappled dark gray and silver with red eye brows, feet and faces. We adore our little rascals. We know the love of the Doxies!
I'm loving your sewing space. Looks like you've got it goin' on girl! The bag is sweet. I've never sewn vinyl either. Lots of fun color. I love the check you have paired with it.