Friday, March 13, 2015

Join for FREE! Pet Project Show #11

What do you think when you see a sign
with "Free" on it?

I have a tendency to think there's got to be
a catch, or in the case above, 
it's going to cost me a lot. 
'Cuz nothing is free! 


If you're a quilter or sewist, the internet is
positively loaded with free ideas, free projects,
and even free stuff sometimes. I just got an email
this morning that I had won a surprise gift for 
participating in someone's linky party. No strings
attached, and no advertisement saying so.
She just liked to surprise people who linked up.
How cool is that?!

I have a few sites that I hit every day, and is one. Terri posts a directory
for link parties, quilt alongs--both free and pay
to participate, BOMs, and past quilt alongs you can
do at your own pace. Great stuff for FREE!

Modern Tradition Quilts has one in process right
now, and I've had my eye on it for weeks. I've had 
too many other obligations, but I'm catching up. 
Yesterday I decided to start the Charm Square
Sampler Quilt.

I pulled 2 charm packs from my shelf in Hapi
from Amy Butler. I threw in some funky colored
solids that were shelved in my stash, and started
making 4 7/8 squares, and then HST.

This was yesterday's design wall finish, and 
I was tired by this point.
My only picture was on my phone.

Today I started working through the tutorials
Shannon has written. HST still aren't my forte, 
and I figure I need all the help I can get. I
learned a few things I didn't know, and put the
first two blocks together.

The blocks are presented in order of difficulty, 
starting with easier ones, and building up.
For the life of me, the second block 
was Trouble. I had to be satisfied with
what I wound up with.

The next two blocks I started might not be
in the proper order, but I was excited to do
them because they were Pink. 
Yeah, I know....

Do you want to see the points?
That's why they called the fabric Hapi!

Don't you get excited when you open the 
fabric and you nailed it?

But I also had this happen after 
ripping it out 3 or 4 times. 
It's okay. 
I'm still learning. 
It's staying that way.

I have a one block on my work table in process,
and another yellow one for tomorrow. I can 
either wait to read the tutorials as they
are posted, or charge ahead and finish
it this weekend. I'll bet you know me.
This is one very FUN quilt,
and it was FREE!

My point is, folks, we tend not to appreciate 
some of the very best of things out there and
available to us because they say they're free.

Designers go to a lot of work to provide
things for us so take advantage of it!
A lot of them are busy moms like us.

Thank them for their hard work
 by joining in! You don't have to be an
expert sewist or quilter. Ask questions
there, and learn as you go. You won't
be sorry, and you'll find other people
just like yourself. That's the fun part!

I've uploaded my pictures to Flickr, and shared
them on the Modern Tradition Quilts Flickr
page for everyone participating. 
Another free perk.

It's Saturday, and time for the weekly 

Pink Doxies 

Pet Project Show. 
Add your link here every Saturday. 


Do we have to have rules? 

No worries! It's EASY.

1. Use the blue 'Add Your Link' button (below left) 
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in the past week. Any kind of handiwork--
share it now! It can be a work in progress, 
finally finished, or even your fab new fabric. 
Whatever it is that inspired you to create this 
week, we'd like to see it here. 

2. Please link to a specific post, and not just your 
blog address. It makes it easier for someone 
following your link to find the project.

3. Provide a backlink to Pink Doxies with a link in 
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Maryse said...

I really like these blocks, looking good!

Debra said...

Your blocks are gorgeous! You really got a lot of sewing done and your piecing is spot on!!!! Wow!

Julie said...

Julie here: I'm linking up today with Planet Penny Happy Friday and Show Off Saturday. Both links in my sidebar. For some reason, I can't edit a post once a linky party has started, and I'm so sorry! Visit them both, and show your great stuff there, too.

Julie said...

"Auction for Eleni" starts this afternoon on Instagram at 4pm EST. It runs 24 hours. This auction is to benefit Rachel's family, blogger mom of Stitched in Color. You can read more about the circumstances at her blog. Please check out the wonderful out-pouring of love and concern from the quilting and blogging community, and please bid on these items. You do not need an Instagram account to bid, and all the details are available on 'auctionforeleni'. I'll be there, too.


sandi s said...

I love your blocks and the fabrics you used. They are Hapi. Hugs,

VeggieMummy said...

Beautiful blocks and fabrics - I'm new to quilting and my efforts are still a bit hit and miss! Your blocks seem to line up so perfectly; I think I need a lot more practice! x

JENNY said...

Oh I know just what you mean. I never trust anything that says free!!! I have often fallen for them to find that you only get a little free but for the rest you have to pay. That said, I am finding so much more or there that is free (mainly thanks to Pinterest and wonderful bloggers!!) Your blocks are wonderful and the colours so fab! Xx

JENNY said...

Oh I know just what you mean. I never trust anything that says free!!! I have often fallen for them to find that you only get a little free but for the rest you have to pay. That said, I am finding so much more or there that is free (mainly thanks to Pinterest and wonderful bloggers!!) Your blocks are wonderful and the colours so fab! Xx

Unknown said...

These are such beautiful patterns! The fabrics with detailed designs almost look like snippets of photographs when viewed from a distance!

Jan said...

I'm not a quilter but many moons ago I made a small cot quilt and made a few mistakes lining up. Where the joins were a bit off line I stitched a little lace flower, it was fun to do and looked pretty on my daughters cot. :)
Jan x

Shannon @ Modern Tradition Quilts said...

Hi Julie, Thank you for sharing your progress on the Charm Square Quilt Along. I love the tropical feel of the fabric variation of your quilt sampler. It's going to be fantastic!-Shannon

Unknown said...
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