Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Selvages and Pieced Oversized Tote WIP


Okay folks. I'm smitten. I'm, totally, head-over-heels Gaga over selvages. 
They are like gingerbread on a house to add the final zing.

For months I just zipped them off with my rotary cutter, 
and into the scraps bin they went.

I started paying attention to the variety of text when I was layering. 
I love text!

I used the sides of the selvages both with text and print. 
The frayed edge is another texture to add, and I left it exposed.

My very last selvage, above and below here, was left with a raw edge. 
I sewed through the length of fabric, 
and then used Fray Check to ensure it would not unravel over time.
I couldn't bear to lose the print.

This bag is for me, and since I've been doing zippers all week, 
this should have definitely have some zippered pockets, right?
Yeah! That's what I thought!
I made one large unit with 2 zippers. I lined each section, 
sewed it to the Daydream fabric, and turned it inside out. 
All seams are finished now inside the pocket.
I sewed a straight line of stitching across the pocket just
above the second zipper. Top pocket for keys and small things.
Bottom for larger items like camera or phone.

 All I had to do now was turn the zipper tabs under, 
and top stitch the whole thing down to the lining before
 finishing the assembly. 

Don't let the picture fool you. This is one big bag. 
The front section is about 22" long x 19" wide. The gusset is 4.5" wide.
It will be perfect to transport quilts when I travel.
 Today's last bit is to fashion handles from my leftover piece of Oakshott cotton.
I think I can accomplish that, and still have some time 
left to play in the snow with the Doxie Girls.
They've been asking for some new winter coats this week.
Hmmm. Maybe in something pink?

Come on, Doxie Girls.
Let's get some work done in the wee hours of morning,
and we'll have the whole day left to play ball.
Let's go sew.

I linked up today with Sew Fresh Quilts, owner Lorna McMahoh. Her button is the Bee Social over there on the right. I stumbled on the blog this past week, and kept going back to read something new. I highly recommend her series "Top 10 Tips 4 New Quilters." #9 is all about quilting with your walking foot, and beautifully done. I'm so impressed, so pay her a visit. You'll see what I mean. 

I also joined the WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced. She has a fabric bundle giveaway from the Intrepid Thread today, and some really beautiful projects linked up to today's post on her pieced baby quilt with whales. Adorable! Her button is on the right, or I made you a clickable link today. Cheers!

And last of all, I'm linking up with My Quilt Infatuation, as I carry this post over into Thursday. She's a positive, bubbly blogger, who loves happy fabric. Take a stroll over to her site today.

Adding on Val's Quilting Archives to all these as it's coming months later. Thanks, Val, for rejuvenating some older posts.


Lorna McMahon said...

What a gorgeous tote bag, Julie! Love all those pretty selvages.. And the inside zippered pockets. This is such a versatile bag!

Julie said...

Thank you, Lorna. It's so fun to launch a project, and then see where it goes. I had a good idea in the beginning what I needed, and then I refined along the way. Thank you for allowing so many of us to link up to your blog today.

Heather Graves said...

Selvage plus orphans - love it!

Julie said...

Glad you like my crazy combos, Heather. Thanks for stopping today. Cheers!

Teje Karjalainen said...

Hi Julie! This bag looks fantastic! Beautiful colours and I love selvages! Great idea for pockets.
Your dog is so sweet and looks beautiful on the snow. x Teje

JanineMarie said...

Fun tote! I'm one of those people that tosses the selvages. But when you mentioned the different kinds of text, I suddenly realized I have to reconsider. My daughter works with fonts. I bet she'd love something with selvages. Hmmmm...

Julie said...

Thank you, Teje. We have a lot in common, don't we? The bag is already in use.

Julie said...

Anyone who's started down the path of selvage work starts to see a lot of options they create with your work. They are just another facet of what can be done with what we're given. Glad you like my tote, and I'll bet, too, your daughter would be thrilled with your extras.

Val's Quilting Studio said...

Hi Julie....I was skimming through your selvage projects and would like to personally invite ya to rejuvinate some of them under our Selvage theme this week at Tuesday Archives...I think A lot of people will be inspired by your work! V

Turid said...

Lovely use of selvages. I'll try this, thank you.

Daryl @ Patchouli Moon Studio said...

Darling bag! Those selvages are addicting, aren't they?