Monday, December 1, 2014

Tiny Houses Tiny Trees WIP

I love weekends without big commitments. 
I got a lot done,  
but you'll only get to see the trees today.

I did several small stints at my Janome on Sunday, and the Tiny Houses Tiny Trees was quilted. Later in the evening I sat with the family and sewed on buttons. A few more hours, and it will be ready to hang. I'm getting excited now. 

Someone asked me where I find the time to sew and quilt with all I have going on. We have a very busy household here. If you're interested, read on.

Do you know people that when you try to find a date for a get-together, and they start paging through their calendars into the next 2 months? They're booked solid in their personal lives as well as their professional lives. They will say, "My schedule is crazy! It's not me--it's the kids!" We have 5 kid  from teens into twenties now, but they were all young once long ago. I hear my friends lament, and wish I could tell them this.

I have a dear friend who once told me she only allowed each of her kids to do one outside activity that maintained a schedule, like a sport, twice a year. So, 6 kids on a rotating basis, and not all at once. She limited the craziness in her life by setting limits. She's a smart cookie. I applied a lot of her mommy wisdom to my own life with young kids, and still do. Like, I once bargained with one of our children the opportunity to have a horse instead of playing on a softball team again. It was the same amount of time investment, but spread out over the year, and a regular schedule. My kids did do sports, but when they did, they all took lessons at the same time, like tennis or martial arts. I never felt the guilt that they had to do it all. The free time we gave them was every bit as important as another scheduled activity.

Every one of my children found a unique hobby growing up by not following the norm of 'The Hurried Child'. They all, so far, have carried these interests into adulthood. Forcing them to fill their own time worked.

Your free time is often hard to control, especially during the holidays, so don't burn yourself out this season. Manage your time instead of allowing it to manage you. If you must, mark off your calendars with "Free Time" with a pen--it's non-negotiable. I'm advocating a Slow Holiday, and Less-is-More theme.

This is my effort at holiday decorating so far. I found it at the local store on sale this weekend. I love to give a big, sarcastic, "Whatever!" to my kids now, probably because it was a banned word in our house when they were all little. (Having older kids is really more fun, I'm telling you!) I think it carries the same sentiment, but in a holiday way. 

Doxie Girls, let's go pick up your 3 canine cousins, and make this a sewing day. 
(Shut in a room with 6 dogs.)
Not sure I'll get a lot done today, but we'll have fun.

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