Saturday, November 29, 2014

A Tiny Post on Tiny Trees

Tiny Holiday Trees 

My little trees I accidentally squished together turned into a sweet wall hanging. I finished it up yesterday as a gift for my friend, Wenda. It was a happy accident, and I was pleased how it turned out.

I used the chance to try out the machine quilting I had in mind for the larger wall hanging, and also the button and pearl embellishments. I think the bling is pretty, but it could easily be made less glammy by using colored buttons on one or all the trees. 

Don't forget to date and mark the maker on any gifts you're making. This one had a simple 12-14 on the lower right edge, and my initials on the back in embroidery floss. 

I'm worn out from visiting and driving, but my heart is light from the wonderful company of friends. May the rest of my holiday, and all of yours, be just as merry.

Come on, Doxie Girls.
Let's settle in and sew.

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  1. Hi Julie -- Neat wall hanging. How did you finish your edges on the tiny trees? I really like your slanted quilting above the trees, looks like sleet in winter.


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