Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Zombies! Zombies! Zombies!

Two days left 'til All Hallow's Eve! Don the costumes! Buy the candy!

If you were a good parent, and you had a child who was creeped out by Zombies, Zombie movies, and everything to do with Zombies, what would you do? 

Forgive me now. Or hate me. Meh. Either way, I made him a Zombie quilt. Let me justify this by saying he was nearly 21 at the time I started it, okay? The prints were adorable, and I knew I had to make this quilt. Maybe it would help desensitize him along the way. 

Pretty cute, huh?

That was late last spring, and the quilt is still languishing in the cubby. Time to get on this project with Halloween right around the corner.

This was a fun little quilt to put together, but it did take some thinking. You must be getting to know how I like my printed fabric to have a 'busy' look, but I tried to even it out with some Kona solids here. Next, I found a simple pattern. I can't remember where it was from for sure, but it could be one from Missouri Quilt Co.--it's not mine. I drew a logic grid to make sure none of the color or patterned fabrics were doubled, but in the end I still needed to do one or two to complete the squares. (My son was more impressed with the grid than the quilt originally.) 

I did a pieced back which I'll show you next time, and have my sandwich put together with batting in the middle. I used 505 to secure the sandwich, but found that it either wasn't done very well, or folding it up for all those months caused a lot of wrinkles. Spreading it out on the floor, and going after it with an iron helped, but I actually needed to re-do the 505, and smooth, smooth, smooth it out.

I'm in test stage for thread color and machine quilting patterns. I just made a little sandwich for this purpose here, and have some fun ideas in mind now. I was super excited because I'd found a Glow-in-the-Dark embroidery thread, but it seems to keep fouling up when I test it out quilting. I'll keep thinking that through. 

I had left over Aurifil variegated thread on a bobbin, and popped that in to practice. I like the effect.

If you're curious, the little Halloween house was made by my daughter and I many years ago. There's a wonderful little site called Little Glitter Houses. The free patterns and instructions for many different houses are available under "Howard's How-To's" there. We've done a dozen or so, and you'll get to see more in December. I love, love glitter houses!

Until Halloween....
Come on, Doxie Girls.
Let's sew up some fun.

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