Saturday, October 4, 2014

Saturday Daydream

Today let me introduce two large blocks with bold color--one rectangular, the other square.  Both have simple designs, but they play well with others.

I've been watching my friend, Irene, do these hexagon, or 'hexie' blocks for weeks. She brings in her little kit during our sewing circle, and goes to town. The appeal is it's a compact hand-sewing project you could take almost anywhere, and I needed something at the last minute to take on vacation. 

 I did this one on the airplane. I checked TSA before packing, and found you can take scissors under 4" through security. I tossed some fabric, thread, needles, and Clover Wonder clips, along with a card stock pattern into a Ziploc bag.

 It's not as time consuming as it looks. Just cut your fabric an extra 1/4" around your pattern. Fold the fabric over the card stock, and hold securely with the Wonder Clips. Hand baste the turned fabric around the pattern securing the corners. Be careful not to sew your pattern piece. Carefully remove the pattern to use again. Whip stitch opposite pieces to the center before whip stitching them side by side. Press when done. Easy peasy, and adorable!

It was a little cramped cutting my fabric out on an airline tray table, so I didn't pay much attention to pattern alignment. I can do that next time, and I think there will be a next time soon. Hexies are very addictive. We'll be back to the Doxie girls tomorrow.

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