Friday, January 13, 2017

Free Easy Charity Quilt Pattern : Day 13

Close Up of Variation of a Nine Patch
"The Houses On Cherry Ridge"

Our kitchen table has been covered in these fabrics for a few days. I cut and sewed, cut and sewed all day. These are all fabrics donated to me this week, and I've added a few more from my own charity pile. My goal was to take a chunk out of the pile while testing out some new ways to configure a nine patch. This one is simple to cut, and simple to sew.

Chain Block

3-3" squares in dark or medium blue
2-3" squares in muslin
2-3" x 5.5" strips in muslin

Sew squares into strips and strips in to blocks. Make 32 blocks.

3-3" squares in red
4-3" squares in blue
2-3" squares in muslin

Sew squares into strips, and strips into a block. Make 16 blocks.

Alternate these colors to make the same pattern with 4 red squares on the outside, and 3 blue on the inside. Make 16 blocks.

Always press your seams toward the darker fabric. The seams that join the strips together into a block may be pressed in or out to nest with the other blocks. Made as shown, the quilt will measure approximately 60" x 60". I'll be adding some borders to bring it up to size for a charity quilt tomorrow.

Note on the above picture: I alternated my blues in the chain to include light and dark. The dark chain leans to the left, and the light chain to the right.

Winter days are the pits for getting true color. Even a shot on the kitchen floor did better than my studio today. This was taken while I was just thinking about the pattern, and had only a few blocks made. The colors are much truer here.

Seen from across the room, the pattern develops. This will turn out to be a sweet quilt for a family when it's done. I would love to tell you the story of why I've named it, "The Houses On Cherry Ridge", but that will have to wait until another day. The Doxie girls are begging me to go to bed, and I am going to oblige them.

Come on, Doxies.
I'm right behind you.


  1. Another great quilt for charity! Someone will enjoy your lovely work as they snuggle under it.

  2. Thanks for sharing this 9 patch. I'm always looking for new scrappy designs. I love the Irish chain secondary pattern that comes through. Great charity quilt!

  3. Ok, what is the gorgeous quilt on the wall to the right? It is stunning.

  4. Great layout. You are on a roll with charity quilts!

  5. Congrats on another fun charity quilt. You've done so well at coming up with great stash busters.

  6. Great quilt! Thanks for sharing the pattern.


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