Friday, July 24, 2015

Patriotic Quilt Update

Patriotic Update

I pushed for a Friday flimsy to show you, but life got in the way. I've made significant progress, nevertheless, and added a blue border, and white outer border. Some of the time was spent imagining both where and how this quilt would be used. I think that's an important component in any design process.

This quilt will stay in the family, and actually be destined for a bed. I looked for suggested finished dimensions of a twin or double quilt, and was shocked to discover the wide range of measurements. A twin mattress measures 38" wide while a double is 54". Other sources say 39" twin, 55" double, 60" queen, and 66" king. For me, it depends on the bed itself.

I hate to see a pretty quilt with little overhang on the sides. Not only is it too small for the bed, but it's not going to cover the person in the bed. That was another consideration to add to the width. Most of our mattresses are fairly thick vs. the old style of a thinner mattress. 

I liked the central design of the giant Log Cabin block in the center, but wanted a design to stand out across the pillow area and foot of the bed. The stars were another motif to repeat, and I did 2 blue for starters. I liked the look above, but realized I would need to add 4 more red. That was another day, and where I'm at now. 

In between project work, I've been stiching on a practice quilt in Axel. Friends have had their own try here, too, but not all have enjoyed it as much as I have. I detected a few spots where I got 'hiccups' while longarming, and with my husband's keen eye we figured out the track was off just 1/16". Adjusting it made a huge difference! I've been playing with different threads, practicing tension adjustments, and devoting a lot of time to testing out the machine. 

When skies are blue and it's not raining, the grass is growing. This is a shot half way down the runway. We live on a working airport with a grass strip, and someone needs to keep it mowed. That piece has been given over to someone younger than I this year, but there's still enough left for me.

I'll see you tomorrow for the Pet Project Show here on Pink Doxies. Let's hope I have a flimsy finish for you then, but it's looking like an action-packed day so far.

Come on, Doxies girls.
Let's get on the stick, and go sew.

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  1. Okay, can I just say that I love this quilt even more now?!? Love the added stars.

  2. I love your design and fabrics. The stars are beautiful!! You must have fun with quilting that practice piece!!

  3. I love your patriotic quilt!

  4. I love your patriotic quilt!

  5. It is looking great! Love the blue stars!

  6. I love how your patriotic quilt is coming together, it's going to be so lovely with all those stars as a border!

  7. What a fun patriotic quilt. Really like your stars.

  8. I love this quilt so much, it is coming together quite nicely. And let me add I think it is cool and am quite intrigued that you live on a working air port.


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