Sunday, March 22, 2015

Tree Bird Blog Hop

Tree Bird Blog Hop

Welcome to the Tree Bird Blog Hop!

Imagine my excitement when I came
across this blog hop months ago!

We live in an area where nature is up close,
and birds are a big part of our lives.

Wild turkeys visit in flocks.

We feed seed and suet throughout the cold weather,
and the birds are our constant entertainment.

We often attract more than just tree birds!

This little nest with birds made from radishes has 
been in our home since the children were little.
It was said to be a sign of good luck, and I have 
been known to buy the same for friends moving 
into a new home of their own.

My daughter's hand raised flock is down to 
four, but we've had their sweet 
chirping for 8 years.

The project of this hop was open-ended, and
we could use any bird fabric we chose.
I had a small stash of Charlie Harper's 
birds, and had already made my
in-law's a dog bed out of it for Christmas.
My mother-in-law loves both the 
artist and birds, and I fell in
love with it, too!

 I racked my brain for a month to come up with
something that would be unique, and
also be a good way to show the fabric.
I tried to do a pixelated scene of an
Ohio winter as I saw it from my window.
The squares were too large, and it
really didn't work well.

 I had recently done a quilt with half-square triangles,
and started to play with that idea. I even took
it along on vacation!

In the end, it all came together.

The ground feeders remind me of 
our own window scene.

I had to add the squirrels in, too.
We are in a constant battle to keep the 
squirrels out of the feeders. We
have a Yankee Spinner these days!

This is Ohio, and we might have rain, snow, and sun
within minutes of each other. In it went.

The free-motion quilting was very experimental
for me, and I used a variety of threads
from Aurifil to King Tut.

So many friends were solicited for advice on
this little project, and I'm so grateful. And
many, many thanks to my dear Bee Mate
who spent her afternoon sewing my 
binding on so beautifully, and 
chatting away with us.

Here's a list of todays blogs to visit to 
see more tree bird quilts. 

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I'm in awe of array and talent in 
this group, and honored to present 
among them.

 Thank you to both Lana and 
Mdm Samm for hosting the 
Tree Bird Hop.

Until tomorrow..
Come on, Doxie Girls.
Let's go sew.

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  1. What a beautiful job you did!!! Love the bird theme - we live on House Wren Rd. Love bird themes in quilts and have many bird motifs in our home.

  2. DESIGN you DID!!! That is FABULOUS! I love all the little touches from the placement of the birds to the beautiful QUILTING and thread choices! YOU ROCKED THIS MY FRIEND!!!! I LOVE THIS!!!

  3. Lovely quilt and I love the trees! Thank you for sharing.

  4. I love the design that you decided upon. It is just perfect and Very cute.

  5. I am in love with this fabric. So your finished is really cute with all of the little birdies peeping out of the trees. What a fun quilt.

  6. Fantastic design, and I love the birds "peeping" out of the trees!

  7. The fabric you used is such fun. Love the way you made a whole scene with your quilt and all the little birds popping up everywhere. ( by the way what is the creature in the wood pile?)

  8. Very clever design and use of that fabric! I love that you included the squirrel lol.

  9. see more tree bird quilts.
    The Raspberry Rabbit has a
    list of all 54 bloggers.

    Just an FYI. Rasberry Rabbit was included in our hop, but it was who was the HOST and LANA..
    lovely bird quilts by the way .... you certainly attract many critters...eeek...that is bigger than a rat right?

  10. Very nice! Love the little birds and animals peeking out.

  11. As always your vision is over the top. Love where you took the birds ( and squirrel ) with this piece.

  12. wow!! Your quilt is exceptional and wonderful

  13. I love your quilt! That is so unique!

  14. Adorable - and I love the addition of the squirrel! blessings, marlene

  15. Your quilt is lovely! I love the Charley Harper fabrics and you showcased them beautifully.

  16. Love that Charley Harper fabric and how you used it. As for the squirrel........a little red squirrel chewed up the backs of my beautiful woven rockers on my porch last summer. Not so cute!

  17. Oh I love what you've done. The birds (and squirrel) in the trees... they kind of look like we're seeing into their homes, if that makes sense. Kind of like one of those books where you lift a flap and there's a picture under it... except without the flap. I'm not explaining this well, but I hope the idea comes across. And I love the quilting you did too!

  18. I love how you designed and quilted this beautiful bird quilt! The fabrics are so pretty!

  19. Your quilt is delightful -- very creative -- worth all the thinking and experimenting!!

  20. Oh, my goodness, what fun projects. I love your final one. You've done the hop proud my dear! ;-)

  21. Love the fabrics you used ! Great quilt !

  22. Beautiful job and great design. The squirrel is a pleasant surprise. And, I do love the fabric.

  23. Wonderful! Thank you for sharing your design process, too ... :) Pat

  24. Such a nice mini quilt, the fabric collection is so nice and you did a wonderful creative Job! Love it!

  25. Really cool quilt. I like it. Thanks for sharing.

  26. THis is such a cute mini quilt/wall hanging! I love Charley Harper and this is a great way to show off the fabrics. Love it!

  27. I loved seeing how your pixels developed into the lovely scene. Great use of the bird fabric and I loved that you added the squirrel. Sweet.

  28. Oh, to use those Charlie Harper fabrics so well. I love, love, love them. They are my favorite, absolutely! You did an awesome job and it was delightful to see.

  29. Such a creative piece. Love how it turned out. Fantastic!

  30. Love how your quilt turned out. I have a collection of Charlie Harper fabrics. So fun to see how you incorporated them.

  31. I am in love with your quilt! As a lover of Charlie Harper myself , I think it is perfect! You win my creative and unique for sure!

  32. Love the shapes you created with the HST! What a beautiful design.

  33. Love the animals in the trees. Great job!!

  34. Wow, what a beautiful creation. You really, really captured a scene, this could be the view from my parents' front window in winter. You nailed this!

  35. I love, love, love, love, love your quilt!!!!! In case I wasn't clear....I LOVE YOUR QUILT. It's charming, and pretty, and fresh and wonderful....and I really, really, really want it!!!! (LOL) Beautiful...

  36. I love, love, love your quilt. Beautiful work!

  37. What a fabulous use of CH's birds. The half-square triangles work really well; I especially l like how the rows are off-set. Well done!

  38. Love how you showed your process here, and absolutely LOVE the final result. I want to make one! The cardinals down here have been extra vocal, extra active, and brilliant in their plumage. Once we are back north (on the other side of Lake Erie from you) I know they will be doing the same thing there, love those birds. Dang old squirrels! We fight with them too--will investigate this Yankee Spinner!

  39. Hi Julie! I love your quilt!!! You had the best idea. It' so beautiful and I love the story in it. Triangles make so good trees, birds and I like how there is 'white' space with birds under the left tree. Well done and thank you for inspiring post! x Teje

  40. Still me... at the pinterest, your quilt is the most creative! Hugs! Teje

  41. Your quilt is really good! A lovely idea and the fussy cutting is perfect. One day I hope to own some fabric by this fantastic designer.


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