Friday, October 10, 2014

Improvements and Refinements: Daydream

One of the most valuable tools I've been introduced to so far has been a design wall. It's a novel perspective, (and just really exciting!), to see a work progress from across the room, or to have the luxury of leaving it up, and then popping into the room later to see if I 'm still happy with things. The Daydream quilt has been up since Monday, and I was sure enough of the arrangement that I sewed together the border blocks one morning. Then I worked on something else, and even slept on it. When I'd pop in to peek at it, something just didn't feel right. I dreaded ripping out those 1.5 mm seams.

This quilt is packed with color and block composition, and I'd pinned the border in place to be fairly close to the center blocks. I thought that if I could move them apart, it might help them from competing in intensity. To do that, I split each of the border's sides and moved them out, but now I needed to add 4 more 6 1/2" blocks so the "corners" were all 4 block down by 4 blocks across sharing the corner block.

I played with half-square triangles here...

and some wonkier improv here and below.

This was the larger block I'd made last week. It got chopped up and re-sewn.

I added a few more details early this morning, but I think I want to wait and surprise you. I love surprises. Don't you?

Come on, Doxie girls.
Let's make this happen today!
Let's go sew.

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