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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Making Do

Another day with rain. The yard is squishy, and the humidity high. Not ideal for anything outside. I'm crying my heart out--right down the stairs to my sewing room, I am!
What a great excuse to quilt!

I have a lot to do today. Yesterday's quilt is still in the machine, and I have to put a baby quilt top together to take along to a quilt meet-up in nearby Coshocton. I've been invited to join in tonight, and I'm excited to meet some other quilters.

A brief picture of my set up: I have a 20+ year old Pfaff Creative 1475 CD  that has stood the test of time, and many, many hours of sewing. It holds up like a work horse. It's what I use for everything, and seems to do a fairly decent job of free motion quilting.

Now don't laugh, but I'm showing you this to let you know not all of us have every gadget we want. My machine is not in a cabinet. For me, that was inconvenient if I wanted to pick it up and move to different light. I have modified my current table area to support the plastic piece I used to use to bridge between my machine and the cabinet. It extends my sewing area, and is fairly stable when I support it with books. A spool holds the front right. I think I will eventually purchase a proper extension table, but it's not in the budget yet. This is good enough for now. I'd rather add to my stash.

Gloves are a must!  I like the white ones best. They have little rubberized fingertips on them to help you move the quilt around. I haven't seen them around here, but Amazon carries them, of course.

A good book I found for beginners is:

Other than that, it's a game trying to support the weight of the quilt so it doesn't drag, and pull against the sewing stage. My sister-in-law said she throws part of it over her shoulder, adds tables around her, etc. I laughed when I first heard this, but it's all spot on. It's quite a performance. Thankfully, the basement is cooler than the rest of the house since I wind up wearing the quilt.

I think I got 10 or so medallions done today, but one needs ripped part way out. I'll take that to the Stichy Group tonight, and maybe someone will give me ideas for the blank areas.

Baby quilt is sprayed together, thank you 505, and I'm off to find some people. I'll show you some pictures tomorrow.

Go to bed, Doxie girls. The Doxie Mama is going somewhere else to sew tonight.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Hi. Do you want to come out and quilt with me?

I was born in the 60's, and really refer to the 70's as the decade when I grew up. I lived in a neighborhood packed full of kids. My suburban street alone with 8 houses had interesting demographics; 6 girls: 14 boys. Add in all their friends, boy friends, and girl friends. Loud cars, motorcycles, fist fighting, name calling, and the era right before air conditioning. I was the youngest. Use your imagination.