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A lot of this can be explain through my very first post, Birthing. That's the nitty gritty stuff, but...

Let's hope you landed here because you're looking for new ideas about sewing and quilting. That's mostly what I do, or if I'm not doing it, at least I'm thinking about it in my free time. I tend to be a risk taker where color and pattern are involved, and regularly push the design envelope to see if I can make it better. I'm interested in the Creative side of Making, not just the finished product. For me, it's mostly about the process, although it's, Oh, So Cool when things turn out how I planned. You'll find a lot of projects labelled 'improv', like a camera bag in Flash in the Bag, orphan blocks and selvages that turned into a Quilt Tote, or a Christmas wall hanging in Tiny Houses Tiny Trees. Or some that are still WIP months later like this Modern Improv that reminds me of pojagi.

I do the normal quilty things like Mug Rugs, pieced pillows, big bags, small bags, and small zipper bags.

Odd projects like designer dog beds for some very pampered pups! Scout's and Charlie'sAgatha's, Fiona's, and Minnie's, and some strange ones like this pieced chair cushions.

And, of course, I do quilts, too. Here's my short list of finishes from 2014.

I should just tell you up front if you're a "Type-A-Do-It-By-the-Pattern" only person, I might make you a little crazy. I'm not about perfection. I LOVE happy accidents! On the other hand, if you hang around here long enough, I might just swing you over into my camp, and we do have fun!

Got a question I can answer? I love email! Contact me: juliebehappy1@gmail.com 

Cheers to you, and all your projects, whatever they may be!


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  1. Hi, since I saw you post about Coshocton Quilt guild, I bet you sometimes shop at Joanns in Zanesville mall. My name is Tiffani and I work there part-time. If you are ever in when I am please introduce yourself. love your blog :-)


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