Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Free Pattern: Scrappy Heart Crush

Happy Valentine's Day 2024!

February rolled around sooner than expected yet it's the same time every year. It's funny how that happens. I don't decorate much, if at all, for minor holidays, but it's nice to have a throw to bring out to lay across the couch back. Also, red is especially nice as a pop of color during the drab months of winter!

I added two outer borders this morning to finish this off, and I like how it ties the colors together. 

The hatched sashing is 3" finished. The cornerstones 3" square. The white with black outer border is 1.5" finished. The black with white dot also 3" finished. 

No mitering here. Just butt the ends and trim. Keep it simple! Now let me explain how I made the blocks.

Paper Pattern/Template for Scrappy Heart Crush

I decided to make this simple for me as well as you, and show you how I draw a simple pattern or template. You can also save this image to your computer and print it off as a reference, but you'll still need to draw your own to size. I will give you the order of the steps below, but as quilters we have some skill at this already. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. The measurements you'll need are on the template/pattern above.

Freezer paper is a dream to work with as it's so large you can fit the whole block on it without taping pieces together. No freezer paper? Use 2 sheets of computer paper taped on the long side. I recommend using a pencil and eraser working lightly to do your drawing then follow with a pen or marker to darken the lines. 

Start with a sheet of freezer paper about 12" or more in length. Lay the paper shiny side down on your ironing board and iron with low heat and no steam. This pre-shrinks your paper. Gently release and remove the paper from your ironing board.

1. Draw a 10.5" square using a quilting ruler as the outside of your block. 

2. Draw a diagonal line lightly from one corner to the opposite corner as shown above.

Step 3: See top template for measurements.

Step 4: See top template for measurements.

Step 5: See top template for measurements.

Step 6

Step 7: Using measurements above add the "V".

The picture above was taken inside, and though it doesn't show the true colors, it does show how it will look in the house.

Years ago when I first started blogging I was in the habit of taking shots in black and white as it showed the value of the quilt overall. I'm trying to get back to that because it helped me lay out the blocks based on their color value. This quilt was obviously a scrappy project, and left me a little less wiggle room as I tried not to put blocks together with the same fabrics. 

Give me a few days to get the tutorial up on how to use the paper pattern/template, and you'll be on your way to clearing out some of your own own scraps. The LOVE block with follow. I'll get it done ASAP! Cross my heart. 

Come on, Doxie girls.
Let's go sew.

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