Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Measuring Oversized Blocks Accurately

"You Can Never Have Too Much Purple"

You are either a purple lover or you're not. I can tell you I have one purple shirt in my closet so I fall in the "maybe not" category. I don't dislike it, but I'm not drawn to it. Never the less, I was given most of these blocks in a bag of charity fabrics, and I thought it would be a quick finish. It actually wasn't too bad, and I learned a few things along the way. Let me share one on how to accurately measure oversized blocks.

There were 10 blocks completed when I got these Block-of-the-Month blocks. The missing two were included but not finished, and quick makes. As I decided how to put the blocks into a setting, I had grand plans about setting these on point. That ship sailed when I measured my first block, and then the second. There was enough difference in the finished measurements to lead me to another setting option. I would frame them out with oversized strips, then trim them all to the same size. 

The pattern referenced this as an option so I had something to go on. The one thing it didn't explain was how to trim them to size, 15.5", when I had added that generous frame. I tried multiple ways to use my mat since my largest ruler was 12.5", but it was less than accurate. Then I tried folding my block. Voila! (How many years have I had this issue?)

Add the first two borders opposite each other on the block to start. Fold the block with the wrong sides together. You will have an accurate line to measure half the intended width of the block. This needed to be 15.5", and half of that is 7.75". The fold goes on that line, and trim the first border of the block. 

Now that you have a squared and trimmed edge, add the second set of borders. Again, fold wrong sides together, and trim the same way. Square corners. Unfold and you have an accurately squared oversized block.

Be careful not to fold your block with right sides together. The seam allowance will add an additional 1/2" (1/4"+1/4") to the block, and you will trim it too small!

I framed these out with fabric from my stash, and though they are two different fabrics I think they worked. The additional sashings were also on my shelf, and made their way into this. I was doubting myself on adding so much purple so asked a purple loving friend. Her words were, "Nah, you can never have too much purple," and I went with it. Project done. One 60"x80" top ready to send on its way.

Come on, Doxie girls.
Let's go sew.

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  1. Well, that seems so logical to trim that way. I am not a huge purple fan, but my granddaughter's name is Violet and I never get enough of her. The blocks turned out so fine.


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