Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Glitter Progress and an Organizational Work Plan

Glitter Quilt Progress and Plan

Ooooh, I like this quilt, and so far so good! This is a fun project to get me actively into my scrap bins, and I love how it allows me to mix those fabrics in novel ways. Our scraps are an amalgamation of everything we've created whether modern, vintage, or traditional, and mine reflect that diverse work. These blocks do too. We can get stuck with thinking a certain fabric can only go with other fabrics in the same line, or ones we've used them with before. It's hard to shake off what goes together. It's like when you wear an outfit. Those jeans go with that shirt and these shoes. This is shaking it all up for me.

Some of the vintage feeling fabrics are truly old, and others are remakes. Some are old shirts. A few were definitely the last bits of favorite prints that I even pieced the very end parts together to get one last square. I'm loving the using-it-up mentality in this work!

I had been religious about making sure I used only 3 fabrics in each block until I hit this one. I had an oopsie cutting the kite shapes, and as a result ran out of fabric to cut the 2 triangles and center square from the same fabric. 

I subbed the checked fabric for those, but it was exactly the same shade of teal. It worked just fine, and end result was one I was happy with. This gives me leeway now in constructing the remaining blocks with some more add-ins. If you have a one-of-a-kind it's a one-off, but add a few more, and it's a {[(Design Element)]}. What a great word!

Work Plan for a Sure Finish
(because I want a finished quilt not just another stack of blocks!)

This is a touchy subject with a lot of quilters, but many spouses and roommates will applaud it. When we start a quilt, most of us just dig in to cut and sew and cut and sew. It's that euphoric joy of starting a NEW QUILT (with no end in sight)! I wonder if this is why we don't finish some projects in a timely manner. Yes, it's a hobby, but having a plan might help us prevent some of these projects from dragging on forever or becoming UFOs. Not that I believe we should only work on one project at a time--Heavens no, I always juggle multiple projects, but we should have goals aligned with steady progress to keep us accountable to ourselves. With day jobs, families and other work loads, it can keep us on the road to successful outcomes in our quilting, and as a final result keep us happier with it in general. Last of all, let's not forget the financial outlay either. Fabric isn't cheap, and like everything else it keeps going up. Let's look at this as the organizational planning process for successful outcomes. 

There are 152 blocks in this quilt. I have an idea what I can make comfortably in a week, and then how many weeks it will take. I'd love to say 25 blocks in a week, but that may be hard to keep up with. At that I would have 6-7 weeks, but let's add in Christmas to the equation, which could make it more or less. Conservatively let's say the middle of January, and shoot for that. Let's see what happens now with my plan, and wish me luck and perseverance. See you soon.

Come on, Doxie girls.
Let's go sew.

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Linda Swanekamp said...

Since I am all about color and texture, I love the 4 color block. It seems magical. I love mixing scraps with attention to value and contrast. I see too many wonderful quilts with all the fabrics being medium value and as a result the quilt looks meh and doesn't reflect the beauty of the pattern or piecing. Having a reasonable plan is healthy I think even though life throws us curveballs.

Quilter Kathy said...

Gorgeous blocks! I am a scrappy quilter too and just love looking at all the pieces!

Sara said...

That is a fabulous block! Love it, especially as it's scrappy.