Saturday, September 23, 2023

Fall Coffee Table Quilt

Fall Quilt for 2023

There is such a smell of fall in the air already! It makes me want to pause, and feel the last days of a warm sun. It says rest to me. That the time for pushing hard is over soon, and I can get back to quilting. I'll be caught up. I hope so.

Every year I reach the same point when houses are displaying fall decorations, there's a mum in every pot, and I'm still trying to keep my chin above water from summer. I feel perpetually behind. So this year I started planning a fall project in July! I worked on EQ8, and planned a specific piece to cover our coffee table. I sewed in the foggy early hours, and often in the dark of the night. It's not done, but the hard parts are sorted. Want a peek at some fun blocks?

There had to be stars in this quilt. I've worked so hard to figure them out, and I just love how the plaid and stripes pull off a vintage feel here.

Every project teaches us something, but this one especially about using fabrics. I originally made this basket block with the brown gingham check below, but it just stood out badly. Late one night I tore it out, and substituted the subtle floral. It played better with the other blocks afterward.

Two of 9 patch star blocks I made with RK Quilter's Linen also stood out. Choosing the correct black was very difficult I thought. Then I realized it was the warmth added by a background print that mattered more. These blocks are important to the overall feel of the quilt as there are 8 so I'll be remaking them. They are quite simple to do so no harm having a pair to make into a table runner.

I nearly went mad working with fiddly little curved piecing on these Drunkard's Path blocks, but I loved the block in this configuration. I figured out a far easier and quicker method I'll share in the next post, and it will make any quilter very happy!

I have beans to pick and can, but I should have enough time to plow through some more blocks this weekend. I would love to have this done before the puppies come later next week. We shall see.

Come on, Doxie girls.
Let's go sew.

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