Monday, November 23, 2020

The Family & Pets Issue

The Anna Quilt

I have said before I come from a long line of Anne's, and one Anna. Edyta Sitar has a line of beautiful reds, pinks, and creams right now called Anna, and a quilt pattern to highlight them. It's simple, and perfect for the not-quite-a-jelly-roll I had from a Tim Holtz line. (It was closer to 2 5/8" than 2 1/2".)

This quilt is for a son who never asked for a quilt because he didn't need one. I do think it's finally he would like one from me more than than a need to stay warm now, and that makes me very happy, if you must know. When he asked, I started sewing. The fabric had already been bought, and I was just waiting for the cue. I knew he'd come around sometime.

I started this in summer, but not in a serious manner. It was my back project I played with. Don't we all have those? When the blocks were done, and I had to start the flying geese, it became a chore. I used my Creative Grids Flying Geese Ruler to champion my way through the 288 it asked for, and a few more for insurance. And good thing I did!

To Square or Not to Squre?

I square everything, but I chose not to square up the individual geese when they were done. Seriously? 300 flying geese? No way. Instead I squared up segments of 8-10 as I sewed. This way the long, narrow rows would come out straight to piece between the blocks. So I didn't expect they would come out exactly on the dime at the end of each rows, and they didn't. What was my intention then? I did what quilters have done for decades. I cut them off, and was fine with it. When it's quilted, you won't really notice, and it saved me hours of tedious work. That's a lot of geese!

Now to finish up my quilting queue so I get to this one!

Meet Eg and Ray

I need to introduce my temporary ground crew. Previously hunted by something nefarious at the barn, 3 delightful brothers came to stay until they could move to their indoor home this winter. Named after the Ghostbusters, they are keeping me just as entertained. 


I've learned to accept help while drinking coffee, and pinning together charity quilts as well as the art of Hide-N-Seek. I'm always afraid I will let one slip out the door so I do head counts each time I come and go. Most of the time they come running when I'm in and out, but sometimes I have to go searching. It's been many years since I've shared my life with kitties due to a terrible allergy, but I'm not allergic to these 3. I find that fascinating, and fantastic, as I love cats! FYI:I've been told cat allergies are cat specific. You just have to find the right cats.

My studio is a separate room sealed off from this area, and pet free. Everything kept in this area is packaged or in a container just in case someone else is allergic.

Back home, dogs rule, and doxies are a way of life! Effy fresh from the bath. 

Thanksgiving is off this week with everyone quarantined or isolated from each other, but I'm still cooking. There will be deliveries of turkey, and cranberries, and pie, and waves from the driveways. In the meantime, I'm focusing on things I am grateful for: my family, my fur family, and my world of far flung family and friends. You!

Come on, Doxie girls.
Let's go sew.



Anja @ Anja Quilts said...

That is a lot of It looks great.

O'Quilts said...

Nice post. Tough times...TBTG for quilting and quilting friends....Tomorrow a friend of mine is coming to my screened in porch with her long underwear under her jeans...I have a heater from Amazon...we will talk and touch fabric fun is this...WE both will wear masks 6 feet apart!! You are indeed an inspiration xo

Barb N said...

Looks like a labor if love! Very nice qut. Glad you're not allergic to your furry friends. I didn't know that about allergy specifics.

Angie in SoCal said...

That is a lot of geese! Wow! That quilt is awesome. He's going to love it. I understand about your Thanksgiving plans. We opt in Oct to have a feast as usual. With the numbers spike here in California - now I wish we weren't but since #2 son is coming from Colorado, will go ahead with it outdoors with everyone wearing a mask and socially distancing. Also it's set for 2PM instead of the usual 4PM as it will be warmer then. (fingers crossed. Happy Thanksgiving, Julie to you and yours.

KaHolly said...

Isn’t it just like you to take on those three and enjoy it! I love kitties, too, and am thankfully not allergic. I didn’t know cat allergies were cat specific. I immediately start sewing at my daughter’s request, too, and gladly, so I know that feeling! But all those flying geese......certainly a labor of love! It’s the perfect pattern for a young man, Julie! He will be over the moon when he receives it! XO

audrey said...

Oh I just love this quilt! Your fabrics are wonderful for the design. So glad you didn't end up squaring every single geese! I'm sure you have better uses for your time. lol