Thursday, March 19, 2020

Spin Drift: 12 One More Day

The Marathon Continues

Custom quilting requires many times longer than an edge-to-edge, and at present I have stacks of quilts waiting. In spite of the back up in the quilt room, the pandemic took priority, and I took a few days off to get our lives in order. We have the things we need to keep us comfortable and safe, but we're not stockpiled. The kids have helped us find some alternative methods to buy food locally, hurrah for that, and I will say there is a momentary peace of mind of sorts. With that taken care of for the moment, I really want to get my quilt done and off. Today.

I thought I had planned well to have all my motifs selected ahead of time, but when it came to starting the small Dresdens yesterday, I realized they had 12 petals instead of 16. A regular Dresden design wouldn't work so I scouted through anything wreath-like in my pattern bank. I found this cherry themed circular design. It fits to a certain degree, and that's okay. I'm good with different. Unfortunately, I am able to see how much variation there is in all these little plates even though I thought I had been so careful.

Turquoise was on so I proceeded to finish the Dresdens.

I ran the stitches up to, but not into the center plate. The machine creates micro stitches to anchor the thread at the beginning and end. The connecting threads will all get trimmed when it's off the frame.

The orange thread on the large 3 Dresdens was next.

It's strange how bright orange can disappear.


And then just the purple was left.

I had to try this 6 pointed star at the last minute to see if I liked it any better so I stitched it in with basting stitches. I think it is a great motif, but maybe not on this quilt. I really want to see those fabrics.

I settled on this little motif for the 50+ blocks on point, edge stitched all the remaining large Dresdens, and added the 4 scrolls to each. Now, I'm down to the centers, and that will have to wait for tomorrow. 

Come on, Doxie girls.
Tonight we rest our minds from the world.
Tomorrow we sew again.

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